About Vasaro, Inc.

Here at Vasaro, we say “You work hard for that figure, and we work hard to show it off.” Gone are the days where you are scouring the internet for the trendsetting dress that cinches your waist and lifts your booty. We make it our priority to be at the forefront of global fashion trends and style and to always give that figure you worked so hard for the spotlight. Our groundbreaking label is located in Newport Beach and uses high-quality materials and the science and mathematics behind fashion to offer women revolutionary pieces like never before at a market-friendly price point. Vasaro is transforming your definition of luxury one bikini and mini dress at a time and promises to always be there for your best body for your best moments.

About Armani Sadeghi, The Designer

Vasaro’s founder and designer Armani Sadeghi created Vasaro after encountering too many women who could never find trendy and high-quality fashion that naturally flattered their figures in the best way after working so hard in the gym. Coming from a science and mathematics background, Mr. Sadeghi specializes in using the amazing slimming and lifting properties of certain angles and lines to give women a naturally enhanced look. He is passionate about bringing women luxury clothing at an affordable price that makes them fall in love with themselves and the bodies they worked so hard for. Fun fact: his protractor is his must-have design buddy!

Vasaro's Mission

You work hard for your figure, let us work hard to show it off!

Vasaro's Vision

To always bring Vasaro women the best of quality fashion trends from all over the world in a way that flatters her figure.