Crochet Wear Makes an Appearance at New York Fashion Week

The Spring 2023 New York Fashion Week lasted from September 9th to September 14th, 2022. At this event, we could see what trends may become popular in the coming seasons, including crocheted clothing. 

Although this is not a new trend, we foresee it growing in prevalence as we enter 2023.

A Crocheted Look from Ulla Johnson

Colorful Crocheted dress from Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson sent one of her models out in a crocheted maxi dress. The dress was made of pink, purple, and yellow yarns, with some unique fringe-style pieces at the bottom. Her model graced the runway in this dress paired with some dramatic earrings and a purple, cross-bodied purse.

A Crocheted Top from Puppets and Puppets

Puppets and Puppets sent one of their models out in a tan, crocheted, halter-style top. Puppets and Puppets chose to go a more revealing route, as their crocheted top has a more netted style, allowing more skin to be visible. At the bottom of the top, a lengthy, braided fringe goes just past the model’s knees.

Brown Crocheted Top from Puppets and Puppets

The top was paired with a pair of white trousers that allowed for the top to pop. The model also wore a large, white butterfly on each of her cheeks, a unique, whimsical touch to the look. 

Several Crocheted Pieces from Proenza Schouler

White Crocheted Piece from Proenza SchoulerWhite Crocheted two-piece from Proenza SchoulerGold crocheted dress with high-neck and ruffled hem from Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler sent several different crocheted looks to the runway. The most striking look that she sent out was on model Kendall Jenner. She sent Kendall to the runway in a white, fringed top and a high-waisted crochet midi skirt. The skirt’s fringed bottom traveled past her knees.

Her look was a similar style of crochet to Puppets and Puppets, allowing more skin to show through. This was universal throughout her models, not just for Kendall.

Is Crochet Going to Stick Around?

So, is this trend going to stick around? We think so, and a lot of designers do too! We love the crochet trend's uniqueness, as no two pieces can be exactly alike.

Fun fact - machines cannot crochet; all crochet pieces must be handmade!

So get out there and find a crocheted piece with your name on it!