Miami Swim Week 2024 Trends

Miami Swim Week is all about trendsetting and the 2024 runway shows will not disappoint. While we can only predict what we may see at Swim Week 2024, we are already seeing some trends emerge in the swimwear industry. Below are some of the trends you may see on the runways this year at Swim Week.

Shopping For A New Bathing Suit

While the trends are important, let’s first take some time to lay out what you should be looking for when shopping for a new bathing suit. After all, we know a lot of customers have not bought a new bathing suit in years and the industry has vastly changed during that time. Below are a few key points to look for when shopping for swimwear. 

  • Material - You want to make sure that you are choosing a swimsuit that is constructed with high-quality material. Eco-friendly material is a big deal right now in the swim industry, so this is something you may want to learn more about. 
  • The Fit - You want to look hot when on your beach vacation, so be sure that you get the perfect fit. If you are shopping online, this may mean that you have to order several different sizes to get a size that fits you perfectly. Just be aware of the company's return policy. The fit is probably one of the most important things, as you want to be comfortable when swimming or lying on the beach. 
  • Confidence - Buy a swimsuit that will make you feel confident. If you are self-conscious and have never gone for a bikini, maybe you should stick to what makes you feel good. There are many one-piece swimsuit options, as well as tankinis. 

2024 Swimsuit Trends

Here we will discuss the trends that we are seeing emerge in the swim industry at the moment. By the time Swim Week comes around these trends may no longer be valid or you may see some of them being utilized by more than one designer. Regardless, these are the trends for swimsuits at the moment and we are sure they will make a big hit at Swim Week 2024. 

Old Hollywood Glam

High-waisted bottoms, polka-dots, and ruched ruffle tops are making a huge comeback. The classic 1940s/1950s look never goes out of style. It is a trend that has lasted for years and we will see it again this year. Tap into your inner Marilyn Monroe and sport a classic swimsuit this year. 

Sustainable Swimwear

As the world continues to make efforts to produce eco-friendly products, swimwear has no exceptions. You can now sport sustainable swimwear and feel good about your purchase. This swimwear is constructed with recycled materials ensuring we are doing our part to help Mother Nature. 

Sustainable swimwear is a very popular trend that is upheld at Miami Swim Week. You are sure to see tons of designers utilizing recycled materials to construct beautiful swimwear. 

Metallic Fabrics

We saw a lot of metallic fabric at Miami Swim Week 2023 and we believe there will be a lot more this year! Metallics offer a shine that is mesmerizing in the sunlight. This is what makes them a popular choice for swimwear. After all, we all want to take the perfect selfie on the beach, and metallic fabric will deliver that perfect shot.  

We expect to see brightly colored metallic fabrics this year including fuchsia, royal blue, and lime green. In addition to metallic fabrics, we are starting to see iridescent tones and holographic fabrics. The runway will be filled with fabrics that make your jaws drop, so be prepared. 

Active Moms Sporty Swimwear

Comfort is in, and moms are looking for sporty swimwear that is functional and comfortable. Moms have to juggle a lot when having a day at the beach, and sporty swimwear allows them to run after their babies without worrying.  

Sporty swimwear is not only stylish but versatile. It allows you to do all the activities you love on the beach including building sandcastles, searching for seashells, and taking beach walks. However, when the time calls, you can jump in the water with confidence. 

Party Like It’s 1999

90s trends are making a comeback. This means you will see loud colors and prints, as well as high-waisted bottoms or high-cut midrise style bottoms. This style helps make your legs look longer, and it's a trend everyone can get on board with. 

Solid Colors

All the classics such as navy blue, red, black, and white will be very popular this year. Sometimes simplicity makes the biggest statement and keeping it to a solid color can be just as stunning as a wild print or metallic color. We also expect to see some fun neon colors this year on the runway. Some designers are encouraging mix-and-match of solid colors, which can allow you to have several different swimsuit options with a few tops and bottoms. 

Bright Prints

Bright prints include hues from the furthest end of the spectrum. Bright and bold is what these designs are all about.  Neon's are hot especially when you pair them with florals, gingham, and detailed strips. You can choose something bold or go with something a little more delicate. No matter what your choice is, you are sure to stand out among the crowd when choosing bright prints. 


Matching swimsuits and cover-ups are a new vibe and we love it. It makes you look well put together even when spending the day poolside. Having a matching cover-up allows you to easily transform from the pool to a walk on the beach or even an afterparty. 

Textured Fabrics

Texture brings a whole new look to beachwear. This is a trend that we saw emerging from Swim Week 2023, and we are certain that designers will still be rocking textured fabrics this year. These fabrics include ribs, eyelets, and metallic glitter. 


Accessorizing your swimwear is a trend that we all love. You can easily accessorize with some delicate gold hoops, a beach hat, cuff bracelets, or an oversized beach bag. All these things will help you stand out among the crowd. If you want to make a statement this year, you will want to utilize some accessories. 


If you want to be the hottest babe on the beach this year, you will want to get started with these swimwear trends. From 90s metallics to Hollywood classics, there is something for everyone this year. We hope you're ready for the trends at Miami Swim Week 2024.