2023 Miami Swim Week Trends

Miami Swim Week is all about the latest designs in the resort and swimwear industry. Emerging designers, as well as fashion icons all come to Swim Week in hopes of starting a trend that consumers adore and need in their summer wardrobe. In this article, we will discuss trends that came from Swim Week 2023, including Barbicore, animal prints, and more. 

Animal Print

Animal prints have been popular for a while now. We see women going nuts over leopard, zebra, and cheetah print. However, how you style your animal print can make a huge difference. The runway showed us that pairing an animal print bikini with a white lined skirt can be a great look for drinks after a day at the beach. 

Surf Wear

With more women picking up surfing as a hobby, there was a call for surf wear to be on the runway. Surf gear tends to have some sort of sleeves and also helps protect against chafing. The 2023 runways at Swim Week presented long-sleeved one-pieces, as well as rashguard tops in a variety of prints and colors. 


Of course, with the release of the new Barbie movie, bright pinks are a must. Everyone seems to be tapping into their inner Barbie and embracing this trend on the runway. Vasaro was no stranger to Barbiecore with their Barbie wide strap bottoms and Barbie bandeau knot top offered in black and bubblegum pink. Barbie pinks are here to stay, and we expect to see them at Swim Week 2024. 

Metallic Shine

Metallics were no stranger to Swim Week 2023. Almost every designer had some form of metallic shine in their collection. We live in a world where selfies are just a normal part of your day. Everyone wants a shimmery sparkle that will pop in their photos. Metallic shine materials are the perfect option for beachwear. If you are looking for a metallic shine bikini top in the Vasaro collection, be sure to check out the Myranda luxe bandeau top in blue, pink, and white. 

White Is In

Vasaro concentrated on their Barbies and Brides at 2023 Swim Week. White was a hot trend for a lot of designers last year. We saw lots of sleek bikinis and one-pieces. This is a major contrast to tropical prints and loud designs that we have seen in past years. A white bikini can provide the sleek minimalist look you want for your beach excursion. 

Shades of Blue

Shades of blue were a popular palette for Swim Week 2023. Inspired by water, blue tends to be a trendy hue for beach-goers. The runways were filled with light blues, greens, and all hues in between. 


In recent years, a minimalist approach to swimwear has become very popular. It is not always about the print and color anymore. Texture has become a huge trend in the swimwear industry. Crochet, macromae, and a wide variety of fabrics filled the runway at Swim Week 2023. The designer's creativity flowed through textures on the runway. 


Just like furniture, hardware can sometimes make a style stand out among the crowd. We saw lots of hardware details being added to swimwear on the runways. Including seashell buttons by Azulu and rope trim coverups. Kittenish and Luli Fama provide some eye candy with their belts and metallic O-rings. Hardware can sometimes play the embellishment role, allowing the eye to be caught on that one specific detail of the swimwear. 

Watercolor Hues

In previous years, tie-dye took center stage, but this was not the case at Swim Week 2023. A huge trend was set with the ombre fashion of watercolor pallets. It may be one of the biggest trends to come out of Swim Week.  It gives a subtle feel but makes a huge impact. Sigal won the runway with their handmade prints, which will make anyone feel special. 

Mismatch Prints

Textures and minimalist prints did make quite the impression at Swim Week, but so did stand-out abstract prints. The designers took the opportunity to mismatch prints to provide a cool trend of creating your own look in a bold way. After all, bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately and this gives you a chance to create a whole new look for your beach vacation. 

Blood Orange

We always see loads of reds and pinks on the runway, but blood orange made a huge impact. Many designers feel like blood orange is the new hot pink. This hue dares to liven up your beachwear and allow some color into your life. 


Ruching has proven to be a hit among swimwear icons. It provides a delicate touch and is very flattering for most body types. Ruching is not only trending in swimwear but also in the fashion industry as a whole. Check out our Beatriz ruched bottoms

Other Trends from 2023 Miami Swim Week

Here we will list out some of the other trends that we saw at 2023 Swim Week. We expect to see all new trends this year and maybe some that lit the runway on fire from last year. 

  • Floral prints
  • Sorbet hues
  • Ruffles
  • Swim Skirts
  • Matching Swimwear for Families
  • One-piece suits
  • Strappy suits
  • One shoulder suits
  • Monochrome
  • Earth tones
  • Mommy-to-be swimwear
  • Men’s swimwear

Swim Week 2024 Predicted Trends

As Swim Week 2024 approaches, designers are quickly coming up with collections that will leave their audience stunned and ready to hit the beach. Trends are predicted but we never know what designers have in store for us until the runway shows begin. This year earth tones, sustainable swimwear, abstract geometrics prints, oversized hats, flowing sarongs, and sleek sandals are all predicted to be on the runways this summer.