Does the TikTok Vanilla Girl Aesthetic Exclude Certain Types of Girls?

As of late, a creator on TikTok known as "Vanilla Girl" is gaining traction. She is gaining this traction over her aesthetic, referred to as the "Vanilla Girl aesthetic." This aesthetic is primarily light, neutral colors with a clean and cozy feel. The girls using this aesthetic are usually blonde, with clear skin and minimal makeup.

Thin, blonde, white woman with clear natural skin

As a community, we quickly realize that all people posting about this aesthetic are thin, blonde, white women with clear natural skin.

Many prominent TikTokers are calling out the inequality represented in the trend. Many report that the general aesthetic doesn't account for or allow people of color to participate. It also may make those who are uncomfortable showing off their bare skin feel excluded.

blonde woman clear skin

So What Do We Think?

We are all about embracing your style and showing off who you are. Still, we are not behind anything that promotes the exclusion of others. If a group of people feels that they are being excluded from being able to participate in this trend, then we should hear them. We must do what needs to be done to ensure that the internet is safe and comfortable for everyone!