Jenna Ortega Lookbook and Setting A New Trend: Wednesday-Addams Inspired Clean Gothic

Trailblazing the newer generation of fashion-forward icons, Jenna Ortega is in a stylistic league of her own. The star from Netflix’s Wednesday combines a provocative gothic look inspired by her character while drawing from her style.

Not one to go along with the crowd, Jenna has been notable in recent years for her stunning looks; drawing from runway designs and dark colors, she embraces an edgy yet luxurious look that brings maturity to the fashion-forward young women in Generation Z.

Jenna Ortega dark edgy yet luxurious

Sheer, Sheer, and More Sheer

The transparent look has been a staple in recent years of fashion—designers blend pastel colors to create delicate, comfortable, yet sexy pieces.

Jenna’s clean gothic look includes the best of sheer style, hinging on sultry and classic.

Jenna Ortega in Dion Lee’s Composite Interlock Dress mirrors cut-outs

Dion Lee’s Composite Interlock Dress mirrors daring cut-outs that could appeal as too provocative if it weren’t for its mesh inserts, helping to frame her figure.

The Versace team constructed the perfect look for the Wednesday premiere—the black veil gothic wedding inspiration Channel’s Wednesday exclusively. The matching lacey, satin corset dress flows behind as its train.

This behind-the-scenes look from her appearance on Jimmy Fallon last month gave her followers a closer look at her grungy, tailored Dolce & Gabbana sheer dress and metallic belt.

Jenna Ortega in Dolce  Gabbana sheer dress and metallic belt

 A Versatile Trend

As a relatively new trend, clean gothic lies on a spectrum between both ends. Clean lines, muted colors, and perfected basics are on the far end, while dark, edgy aesthetics can push to Wednesday herself. Jenna transitions easily from modern Americana fashion for less high-profile events, in contrast to her full goth looks on the red carpet.

Clean Gothic Dupes

Black will always and forever be in, but how you style this flattering shade makes or breaks the pull between classic and edgy. This mini cut-out dress stuns with its unique ruching, asymmetry, and likeness to the Dion Lee dress Jenna wore. 

Long sleeve, short cut, and the best two-piece for going out—this form-fitting skirt and top can be dressed up with metallic accessories or platforms to emphasize the clean gothic theme.

These luxury and trendy picks continue to inspire our wardrobes, inspiring us to include more daring cuts and neutrals into our every day and going-out looks. For more looks, follow Jenna Ortega on Instagram!

Wednesday-Addams Inspired Clean Gothic FAQs

What is Wednesday Addams style called?

Wednesday Addams style is called young gothic chic. Wednesday's monochrome style is timeless by pulling inspiration from iconic gothic classics into youthful trends. Her outfits incorporate vintage staples, including her famous simple collared- dresses, grungy boots, and patterns.

Is Wednesday Addams Goth?

Yes, Wednesday Addams is goth. Her family represents a play on the modern gothic American family. Not only does she look the part, but she encapsulates true gothic nature. She is considered one of the most iconic gothic queens.

What is Wednesday Addams aesthetic?

Wednesday Addams’s iconic aesthetic is a gothic look, including black-on-black, two braided pigtails, and her white-collared and peplum dress combo. The original character dating back to its inception in the 1960s, was as iconic as she is sixty years later. Her aesthetic popularized a generation of gothic-dressing younger women who preferred to create a new wave of femininity. The best part of her aesthetic is that its colors and patterns are simple to follow. 

How do you get the Wednesday Addams to look?

The Wednesday Addams’s look is actually quite simple—all you need is a vintage black dress, black boots, braided pigtails, and a solemn glare. As we see her age up in the Netflix original series, Wednesday’s style evolves into more daring stylistic changes. She expresses her fashion sense through sheer and ruffled dresses to more urban chic. Wednesday makes for the perfect recreation, as her style is simple, and many pieces can be substituted to elevate the look.

What is Gothic fashion style?

Gothic fashion style originates from—in modern times, gothic has sought influence from punk and hard rock bands, emo fashion, and overall edgy, black, and dark features. Accessories can include silver hardware jewelry (chains, upside-down crosses, chunky boots, and dark lipstick).