Statement Pieces Inspired By Your Favorite Celebrities and Designers: Paris Fashion Week

Getting ahead of the anticipated fashion curve this 2023 doesn’t have to be stressful—primarily when our favorite entertainers and famous moguls can provide us with the newest on-trend looks. By combining fresh off-the-runway pieces with celebrity streetwear, this year’s forecast embraces bold looks that fit your style.

We’ve studied the most recent stylistic moments, whether straight off the runway or star-studded affairs from your favorite fashion events, to bring you a list of our forecasted statements of the hottest upcoming trends.

From Paris, With Love

2023’s Paris Fashion Week gave us several illustrious designs sported by the business's most well-known celebrities. In the world of couture, we were gifted with reimagined classics from stars in attendance and looks picked from the catwalk.


Eye-catching, statement pieces are often seen as dramatic in the eyes of minimalists—but when designed and worn elegantly, these pieces are perfect for that one special gala or outing in the town. Valentinos’ held its Haute Couture show in Paris, featuring Anne Hathway in a two-piece embezzled look

Anne Hathway in a two-piece embezzled look

The Bustier

It doesn’t get more classic than the tight-fitting lingerie-made-over-garment piece. As timeless as the bustier is, it is equally a blank canvas—various colors, shapes, and patterns—encompassing a statement.

Dior’s own Maria Grazia Chirui’s Spring-Summer inspiration comes from legendary performer Josephine Baker, combining sheer corset-like tops handcrafted to embody sensuality. 

Making of Dior's Spring-Summer collectionMaking of Dior's Spring-Summer collection combining sheer corset-like tops handcrafted

Vintage Couture

When vintage meets couture, the inspired runway look is refreshing and delicate. It reminds us of the beautiful designs from decades past. Aelis Couture pieced together the complexity of silky, sheer material with modern classics.

You can recreate this white turtleneck and lace slip combination by seeking pieces from celebrities' closets and previous years of comfortable casual-inspired looks.

Silky, sheer turtle neck longsleeves with modern classicsAelis Couture peach dress silky sheer

From The Runway to Your Closet

Similar body-fitting embellished dresses can dazzle the night with flirty cut-outs and monotone colors. Or if you’re feeling leopard all the way, this short, cut-out dress is stand-alone.

Cute Leopard Apricot Ruched Strapless Bodycon Mini Dress with Hot Pearl Cutouts

Corsets are as trendy as they are flattering, framing your body effortlessly. This eccentric Green Bustier stops right above the waistline, allowing the wearer to pair this top with bottoms to create a highlighted silhouette.


Green Satin Bustier V-Cut Corset Crop Top with Front Cutout and Sheer Bodice


For more runway-to-closet favorites, check out our other blogs.

Celebrity Fashion FAQs

How is fashion influenced by celebrities?

As popular figures in the media, celebrities control what new fashion trends become popular. Fashion icons are notable celebrities who have challenged the norms of style and influenced generations of designers. Celebrities can inspire specific groups of people.

How does Hollywood influence fashion?

Film and Television showcase creativity for everyone — Hollywood specifically thrives on the industry's glitz and glamor, thus inspiring fashion designers to mimic costume choices or find a muse for their work. Hollywood’s impact on fashion comes from celebrities and movie stars' power. Icons like Pamela Anderson on Baywatch will forever inspire red one-piece swimsuits for beachgoers everywhere.

What impact does celebrity have on a brand?

Similarly to all kinds of artists, fashion designers can find inspiration from anywhere. With the popularity and influence of modern celebrities, these designers can create collections based on actors, singers, or athletes to cater their clothing to a specific audience. For example, a punk rock-inspired clothing brand may seek to recreate looks from famous bands and rock icons.

How has social media influenced fashion?

Social media quickly changed the course of the way we consume fashion. As almost all social media apps are free of charge to the public, now more than ever, brands and designers can market their clothing/product to the masses without additional costs. Social media is also a powerful tool to indicate trends in fashion today, allowing analysts to get ahead of the curve.

Which celebrity has the best fashion sense?

The most fashionable celebrities include Rihanna, Zendaya, and Bella Hadid. Considered the most stylish celebrities of 2022, these three have set the tone for fashion on and off the red carpet. From movie premieres to custom designer outfits, these celebrities are some of the most iconic head-turners to date.