The Sexiest Looks of the Red Carpet: Celebrity Inspiration for Your Next Big Event

Ladies, are you ready to turn up the heat and sizzle like the stars on the red carpet? If you're looking for inspiration for your next big event, look no further than the sexiest looks that have graced the red carpet.

From daring cutouts to elegant gowns, we've got all the celebrity inspiration you need to make heads turn, and jaws drop. So grab your favorite drink, kick back, and get ready to channel your inner Hollywood goddess!

A Glimpse Into Red Carpet Fashion

Red carpet looks are the focal point of the night ahead, and when you’re celebrating your hard work, it’s essential to look your best. From embellished gowns to sleek-fitted satin, bold colors, feathers, and much more, celebrities seek to make their most grandiose contribution to fashion on the red carpet — and often, they don’t miss their mark.

Knowing just how quintessential red-carpet appearances are, fashion designers all around the world spend months and sometimes years planning, sketching, and making just one red-carpet look, and it is worth it!

From top designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, and more, celebrities walk the walk wearing creative precision that not only the best designers can provide, but the most confident can wear.

When dressing for an important event, knowing the current fashion trends are essential, and red-carpet looks are a perfect inspiration. From simple elegance to sexy sophistication, there are many options for your next fashion debut.

Invited to an event? Celebrating your movie premiere? Well, look no further because listed below are some of the latest red-carpet trends to help you rock your next event!

Hottest Red Carpet Looks

Get ready to turn up the heat and raise the glamor quotient because we're discussing the hottest red carpet looks. Whether you're hitting the town with your squad or prepping for a fancy date night, we've got you covered with the sexiest looks straight from your favorite celebrity fashionistas.

Mugler by Casey Cadwallader

Plunging from the neck in asymmetry with a full sash that falls effortlessly, SZA embodied her confidence in this black cutout piece from Mugler’s 2022 fall collection.

A daring ensemble to uphold, yes. This is why it is imperative to know your own body and how your garment is going to fit upon it — that way, you’ll be able to slay with poised reliance for the entire night.

SZA in black cutout piece

Egonlab x Swarovski

Wearing a patterned jumpsuit with a glittering rainbow aesthetic is Harry Styles, dressed by Egonlab x Swarovski. Playful and revealing, this piece has a low scoop neckline with flared bottoms and a heavier fit.

Before attending your event, try your entire outfit to ensure quality control. This way, you’ll know how to wear the ensemble rather than the ensemble wear you. Here, Harry does a stunning job keeping his custom-tailored piece from looking too heavy as he carries himself with ease and clarity.

Harry Styles wearing a patterned jumpsuit with a glittering rainbow aesthetic

Amanda Gorman Stunning in Prada

Amanda Gorman in Prada at the 2023 Grammys is the epitome of every girl’s dream dress. Light and flowy with a sleek sheer finish and lace to top the sweetheart neckline, this black dress flows with elegance and dances in the wind as you walk.

The black slip dress is attached to its nylonette and is held by thin straps. This is one look you can’t go wrong wearing, as its class and sexiness are all the same.

Amanda Gorman in black light and flowy dress with sleek sheer finish and lace on top

The Blonds

Model Heidi Klum is magnetic in her red carpet look for the 2023 Grammys in a deep v-lined gown designed by The Blonds.

Embellished with braided rope and precisely placed gold chains hanging from top to bottom, this printed dress is paired perfectly with accessories highlighting Klum’s golden hue. From skin to hair and gown, Klum impeccably blended her jewelry and makeup to highlight her dress to its full effect.

Not going overboard with dramatic accessories and colors, this top-model look is exactly what the red carpet is all about!

Heidi Klum wearing deep v-lined gown in 2023 Grammys red carpet

Gaurav Gupta

This cobalt blue couture dress worn by Cardi B is designed by Gaurav Gupta. It embodies the essence of a tastefully dramatic red carpet look.

With a sheer hood that is attached to a tightly-fitted silk gown accentuating her silhouette, Cardi flawlessly executed her bold look. Posing with an authoritative comfort, this is the drama that every red carpet needs!

Cardi B in cobalt blue couture dress designed by Gaurav Gupta

Red Carpet Glam

Accessorizing your look is just as important as the design itself. Some looks are better with less, and some with more.

It’s all about the style that you are used to. If you typically wear jewelry, try your look with some bracelets and earrings. If you prefer to be more nude, then stick with your bearings and highlight the outfit with your confidence. As for makeup, the same applies. Bold is beautiful, as is natural.

In any event, wearing something you are comfortable with is key. Designer ready may only sometimes mean wearer ready; you may need measurement adjustments and tailorings.

So to arrive in confidence, always dress yourself up beforehand in your full ensemble and glam with accessories and shoes. Walk to your mirror, pose, and talk as if you were answering questions from the red carpet. This will ensure you’ll be even more comfortable and ready for your special night.

Red Carpet FAQs

What do you wear on a red carpet?

Red carpet events call for your best fashion statements. Tailored dresses with embellishments are perfect. Elaborate is welcomed, as well as simple. Try to stay inside your comfort zone while still having fun with your look; this will ensure that you’ll be confident for your night ahead.

How do you prepare for a red carpet?

  • Detox the body 
  • Tan your skin
  • Exfoliate Skin
  • Try a new hairstyle 
  • Touch-up your roots
  • Invest in quality makeup 
  • Whiten teeth
  • Break in your heels or shoes
  • Nail care 
  • Wear quality fragrances 

How do you pose for a red carpet?

Placing one hand on the upper thigh and the other below your hip gives a relaxed finish to your look and is a perfect pose for photos. Keep your hands open instead of closed fists, as this is more welcoming to others and leaves you looking comfortable with your attire.