Top Trends in Men's Jeans for the New Year

New year, new jeans! If you're looking for the latest trends in men's jeans, you've come to the right place. Jeans are a staple in any man's wardrobe, and they can be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

With new styles and trends constantly emerging, it can be hard to keep up with what's popular. But don't worry; we've got you covered. From ripped jeans and distressed to slim-fit and straight-leg, there's something for everyone in this year’s trends.

Stacking Up

Stacked jeans are a fashion trend that has recently gained traction. These jeans, also known as skinny stacked or stacked skinny jeans, feature a unique design with extra fabric gathered around the ankle area to give the appearance of being stacked up. The look is stylish and flattering for most body types, making them popular among men and women.

Kanye West Wearing Stacked Jeans

Source: Kanye West Wearing Stacked Jeans

Stacked jeans can be found in many different styles, including straight-leg, slim fit, cropped length, and even distressed denim. No matter your preference or size range, there will surely be a perfect pair of jeans for you!

How to Wear

Stacked jeans are an excellent way for men to add style and sophistication to their looks. They can be worn with almost anything and are exceptionally versatile in colder weather.

  • Pick a perfect pair of denim jeans that are mid-rise and have a darker shade; it tends to be more formal
  • Choose the right size for your body type. Slim-fit jeans should fit snugly around the legs and hips without being too tight or uncomfortable
  • Ensure the jeans have no gaps at the waistline or any loose threads in the fabric
  • Stack the jeans at the ankle for an effortless, laidback look
  • Consider tucking in a casual slim-fit shirt or a turtleneck sweater in winter
  • To complete the outfit, consider pairing it with classic sneakers or boots for a stylish ensemble

Workwear Inspired

Workwear jeans are the latest denim trend for men, offering a stylish and comfortable alternative to traditional office attire. These jeans are designed with a modern look that is polished enough for work yet casual enough for everyday wear. Work jeans come in various colors, styles, and fits that can be paired with any type of top or shoe to create an attractive ensemble.

men workwear jeans

Men who want to look professional but still show off their individual style should consider wearing workwear jeans as part of their wardrobe. The best season for wearing work jeans is typically fall through early spring when temperatures are cool enough to layer clothing without being too hot or uncomfortable.

How to Wear

Workwear jeans also referred to as carpenter jeans, are a timeless classic for men. Whether working on a construction site or in an office environment, with the right styling tips, you can wear these versatile workwear jeans in any season and still look polished and fashion-forward. 

From choosing the right fit and fabric to pairing it with other pieces in your wardrobe, here is how you can fashionably wear men's work jeans.

  • Adjust men's work jeans by choosing a fit that flatters the body shape
  • Opt for black jeans or dark gray jeans for a classic look
  • Wear a button-down shirt to create an elegant style
  • Double denim can be a perfect match
  • Add winter boots or brogues to complete the outfit

Low-Rise Baggy Trousers

Low-rise baggy jeans are a popular denim trend for men. The low-rise style sits on the hip, just below the waistline, and is typically loose-fitting throughout the leg. This makes them perfect for those who want comfortable trousers. Low-rise jeans can be worn in any season, but they look best when paired with bright colors in warmer months or darker tones during colder seasons.

Brad Pitt in Low-Rise Baggy jeans

Source: Brad Pitt in Low-Rise Baggy jeans

Baggy denim jeans are ideal for men between the ages of twenty to mid-thirty. Although baggy trousers can be worn at any age, the style may have to be altered. For example, wearing a mid-rise would be more appropriate and classy for men in their thirties and above.

How to Wear

Baggy jeans have been a timeless trend in men's fashion for decades, and they will undoubtedly remain popular for many more years to come. However, there are ways to pull off this look without looking sloppy at various ages. Here's how to wear them with style!

  • Choose a baggy fit, so there is plenty of room for movement
  • Adjust the pants right over your waistband to fit your body perfectly
  • Make sure that the legs of your denim are sitting low on your hipbone
  • Roll up the hems at the ankles to give you an edgier look
  • Use a contrasting belt to secure a perfect and comfortable fit
  • Avoid pairing with slim-fit shirts, rather wear a relaxed jacket
  • Baggy denim pants look better in darker shades, yet blue color can still dominate

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been in trend since they first came out and are still as fashionable as ever. They have been the most popular part of semi-formal dress for men. They feature a slim fit that hugs the thigh tightly, giving a fitted look to the overall lower body.

Zac Efron in Skinny Jeans

Source: Zac Efron in Skinny Jeans

Men's tighter-fit jeans have been in style for several years now and continue to be a staple in many wardrobes. The right pair of jeans can make any outfit look stylish and contemporary. They can be worn at any age; however, they tend to work best on those with slender figures as they provide an elongated silhouette. 

Skinny and tighter-fit jeans are most often seen during the spring and fall months when temperatures are milder. Nonetheless, if you choose heavier denim fabric with more stretch, you may find yourself wearing them all year round!

How to Wear

Skinny pants are the perfect choice for any modern fashionista. They can be paired with virtually anything from casual tees to glamorous fitted shirts for a stylish look. Skinny denim pants offer an effortless coolness regardless of the occasion, making them the ultimate must-have item for any fashion enthusiast. 

The perfect combo? Skinny denim jeans and a fitted shirt – guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you go! Here’s how to dress up like a professional.

  • Tailor your stylish jeans to fit snugly around the waist
  • Opt for stretchable fabric when selecting materials to ensure comfort while wearing jeans
  • Ensure you have a comfortable range of movement in the seating area
  • Choose appropriate footwear such as classic Oxford shoes, loafers, or Chelsea boots
  • Wear a slim-fit shirt for a classic look

Raw Denim Jeans

Raw denim, also known as dry denim, is made from untreated 100% cotton fabric, giving it its signature stiffness. With a light wash, the material creates individualized patterns of wear on each pair of jeans over time. Men's raw denim pants are currently in vogue because they offer the perfect balance between style and comfort.

G Eazy wearing Raw Denim

Source: G Eazy wearing Raw Denim

They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them suitable for any season. Dry denim jeans should be worn by those who appreciate quality clothing and want to make a statement with their wardrobe choices – whether something subtle or bolder, like distressed detailing or patches.

As far as seasonal wear goes, dry denim looks best during cooler months when heavier fabrics keep you warm while still looking fashionable.

How to Wear

Although raw denim jeans may appear intimidating at first glance, they can be easily styled to create an effortlessly stylish outfit that will easily draw attention. With the right tips and tricks, you can learn how to wear these pants like a pro and look your best every time.

  • Dress up with the perfect fit for your pants with simple adjustments
  • Make sure the fit of your jeans isn't too tight or too loose but just right
  • Make sure the denim pants hug your body in all the right places
  • Get the perfect waist size for the best fit
  • Ensure the hemline is just right
  • Alter certain parts of your jeans if you wish to customize them further
  • Avoid uncomfortable bunching or sagging of the fabric
  • Pair it with a button-down jeans shirt with Vans or a blazer with Derby shoes

Return to High-Rise

High-waist pants have become a fashion trend for men and women recently. Their classic style is flattering on any figure type and adds a bit of sophistication to your look.

Chris Pine in High-Waisted Pants

Source: Chris Pine in High-Waisted Pants

Men's higher-rise jeans offer a modern take on the classic denim look while maintaining the same level of comfort. Whether you're looking for something casual or formal, there is sure to be a pair of high-waisted jeans that will fit your needs. And with so many colors and styles available, you'll be able to find something perfect for any season!

High-waisted jeans can be worn by anyone who wants an updated version of fitted denim looks. They provide excellent coverage around the waistline and are incredibly flattering when paired with fitted casual shirts or tucked-in t-shirts. For those who prefer more relaxed fits, wide-leg options create a balance between upper and lower body proportions. 

Ultimately, no matter your personal sense of style, there is sure to be a pair of higher-rise jeans that will help complete it!

How to Wear

High-waist jeans for men are one of the top denim trends lately. These jeans sit higher on the waist with a comfortable slim fitting. They can be worn with just about any shirt or jacket, making them versatile and easy to style. 

They can make any man stand out from the crowd with the right accessories and attitude!

  • Be comfortable with a well-fitted pair of high-rise jeans
  • Create an ankle crop effect with hems that hit the perfect spot above the ankle
  • Achieve a sleek and stylish look by tucking in a boxy T-shirt or Polo
  • A puffer jacket in colder weather won't hurt the grace
  • For the untucked dress, try matching a denim shirt
  • For a semi-formal dress, boat shoes or leather boots look great
  • Pairing with a hoodie and sneakers will work for a more relaxed look


White denim is one of the most versatile fabrics and is commonly part of the semi-formal dress code. However, it can be an excellent fit for dressing down, too. Men can wear white jeans with slim-fit shirts and blazers, or keep it casual with a white T-shirt and white sneakers – just remember to pair it with lighter colors like pastels or neutrals!

Brad Pitt in White Jeans

Source: Brad Pitt in White Jeans

Whether you opt for off-white or classic white denim, this denim will add style to your look without overwhelming it. They are perfect for the summer season when white is the go-to color to beat the heat - they are lightweight and airy, allowing you to stay cool in any situation.

How to Wear

White jeans are versatile trousers that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. With the right styling and accessories, men’s white denim can look both stylish and sophisticated. Here are some tips on how to wear them with confidence, so you can rock the current white denim trend!

  • Wear the perfect fit (relaxed) to ensure your outfit stands out in all the right ways
  • Personalize your style with off-white or ripped jeans for dressing down
  • Wear high-rise jeans with a slightly tapered ankle to add extra sophistication
  • Avoid white jeans during the colder months if you're not a fan of layering – they can easily become too bulky
  • Style white jeans with white sneakers for an athleisure look that’s always on-trend.
  • For a more formal take, incorporate white denim into evening wear by pairing it with a pastel-colored button-down dress shirt, a blazer, and suede Chelsea boots.

Top Denim Trends for Men in 2023

As denim trends continue evolving, fashionistas and denim lovers need to stay up-to-date with the latest styles. From classic jeans to more modern silhouettes like skinnies or bootcut, there are plenty of denim options available that can be worn in a variety of ways. 

In 2023, we should expect even more creative designs from denim designers as they look forward to the future for inspiration. Keep an eye out for fun new colors and textures as well! No matter your style preference, having some trendy denim pieces in your wardrobe will ensure you’re always looking fashionable and on-trend!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Raw denim jeans and Selvedge denim jeans?

when you first buy it and slowly molds to your body as you wear it over time. Selvedge denim is a type of raw denim woven in a specific way on vintage shuttle looms for a tighter weave, making for durable denim that lasts much longer than other types of denim.

Compared to regular raw denim jeans, selvedge jeans have cleaner finishes, higher quality construction, and crisp textured edges at the hems inside the legs of each pair. As such, they tend to be more expensive than regular raw or pre-washed jeans.

What Jeans Will Be Trendy in 2023?

For 2023, classic denim styles will be the focal point of denim trends. However, with its versatile nature and remarkable capacity for creative expression, streetwear elements might find their way into denim designs as well. Moreover, due to its ability to blend comfort with chicness effectively, high fashion may also make an appearance in the future world of jeans!

Are Skinny Jeans Out 2023?

The denim trends of skinny and fitted jeans have been popular for many years, but this fashion may only be limited to teenagers in 2023. However, denim trends tend to move in cycles, and what was once considered fashionable eventually comes back around again. So while the future of slim-fit jeans may remain uncertain, other denim styles could become popular over the next few years.

Are Boyfriend Jeans in Style 2023?

Although denim trends are always changing, boyfriend jeans have been around for years and have shown no signs of going away anytime soon. In fact, they are likely to become even more popular in 2023 with new cuts and colors that will keep them fresh and fashionable. The boyfriend jeans remain popular, as they also offer a relaxed fit denim style and casual look compared to other denim options such as straight-leg jeans.

What is Replacing the Skinny Jean?

In 2023, denim trends are predicted to shift from the traditional skinny jean to more relaxed and comfort-focused fits such as straight jeans, pairing with a turtleneck or leather Jacket, and baggy fits, pairing with a hoodie or an oversized flannel for an appropriate look for winters.