Buying Tickets For Miami Swim Week 2024

Buying tickets for Miami Swim Week 2024 is not hard, but you will have to wait until producers have scheduled their shows. This means that you will only be able to add your name to a waiting list and be notified once tickets are available. 

Miami Swim Week is the nation's largest swimwear show and is important to designers, models, fashion brands, influencers, as well as fashionistas. Various ticket options will be available to accommodate your unique needs during Swim Week. 

This article will detail how to buy tickets, what tickets are available, and where to buy tickets. We will update this blog as new information is available. Be sure to read our blog on How Can I Get Discount Tickets for Miami Swim Week 2024?

Where To Buy Tickets For Miami Swim Week 2024

The main place to get Swim Week tickets is through You want to make sure that you are buying tickets through a ligit website, as there are a lot of scams on the internet.  Other places that offer Swim Week tickets include Fashion Week Online, The Bureau, The Black Tape Project, and Breezy Swimwear.   

Full schedules of Swim Week are not typically available until closer to June, but we do know that Paraiso has scheduled their show early this year. Their official dates are May 29th to June 5th. It has yet to be determined whether other producers will schedule their shows around this time or go further into July like in past years. 

Some websites will offer a waiting list and notify you once tickets become available. 

How To Buy Tickets For Swim Week 2024

The websites we mentioned above are the best places to purchase your Swim Week tickets. At the moment, most of these sites only offer a waiting list, which requires your name and email address. They will email you when tickets become available. 

When tickets become available it is a matter of choosing what type of tickets you want and stepping through the checkout process. Each site will offer various payment options, varying from one site to the next. 

Payment options may include PayPal, Shop Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Venmo, and more. If one site does not offer the payment option you are looking for, check all of them out, as you are sure to find one that is offering a payment option that will suit your needs. 

Type Of Tickets Available For Swim Week 2024

The type of ticket packages that are offered will vary from one website to the next. However, The Bureau offered the following packages for Swim Week 2023, and we can assume they will offer similar ones this year. 

All Access VIP

The All Access VIP package gives you access to all public shows with front-row VIP seating. This means you will see everything from the best point in the room. You will also have a VIP Fast-Pass, which allows you to skip the line. 

Enjoy shopping at Fashion Village, engage in panel discussions, product demos, and exclusive after-parties. The true fashionista will want the All Access VIP pass, as you will not miss a minute of all the excitement offered at Swim Week 2024. Limited quantities are available. 

All Access VIP Perks

  • Be part of the official kick-off party, which has an open bar. 
  • Front row seating.
  • Access to all shows. 
  • Meet and Greet events. 
  • Access to exclusive events. 
  • Access to Fashion Village, pop-up shops, and designer showcases. 
  • VIP fast-pass. 
  • Front row VIP seating. 
  • Access to red carpet. 
  • Commemorative VIP lanyard. 
  • Access to private VIP area. 

All Access General Admission

You will have access to all public shows with seating offered in rows 2 through 6. You will still have a great view of the runway while spending a bit less. You will also have access to Fashion Village, panel discussions, product demos, and after-parties. 

All Access General Admission Perks

  • Invite to official kick-off party. 
  • General admission to all shows with seating in rows 2-6. 
  • Meet and greet events. 
  • Access to exclusive events. 

Front Row VIP

Front Row VIP offers you the best VIP seating in the house. Be up close and personal with all the beauties that grace the runway. Front-row seating is where you want to be during Swim Week. You will also have VIP fast-pass access, which means you will not wait in any lines. Also, have access to the red carpet, Fashion Village, panel discussions, and product demos.

Front Row VIP Perks

  • Enjoy designer showcases. 
  • VIP front-row seating. 
  • Fast-pass entry to shows. 
  • Red carpet access. 

General Admission

While we all want to be front row at Miami Swim Week, this is not obtainable for everyone. After all, there are a limited number of VIP tickets that can be sold. General admission will give you access to shows and seating is offered on a first-come first-serve basis. This may mean standing room only in packed shows. However, you will still be a part of all things Swim Week and get to fulfill your fashion dreams. 

General Admission Perks

  • Access to Fashion Village.
  • Be a part of after-parties.
  • Feel the electric energy that Swim Week offers. 

Official After-Party Access

Be a part of Miami Swim Week’s Official After Party, which is sponsored by Okey Dokey. Have access to 3 floors of dancing, drinks, and eats. This party will be catered by 6 of Miami’s top restaurants, as well as offer amazing mixologists. You will enjoy DJ sets, as well as live music and entertainment. This will be a night you will never want to forget. 

Get Your Name On the Waiting List Now! 

You do not want to miss out on anything that Miami Swim Week 2024 has to offer. Be sure to follow our blog for the most up-to-date information. Swim Week has always been a fashion vibe and you will want to be a part of it. Get immersed in the glamour and possibilities that this event provides. We hope to see you there!