BOOTYLICIOUS: Get a Rounder Rear with These Sexy Bubble Butt Push-Up Leggings

The perk of this super fit lifestyle is the famous bubble butt! Perky glutes are the goal to round off that perfect pair of leggings and showcase all the hard work you have done over the last few months.

You might remember the viral TikTok Bubble Butt Leggings that championed our feeds. The crazy thing is that you might think of three or four different types of pants and would be absolutely correct in your thought process. A variety of styles have soared past our expectations and become must-haves in our closets.

Whether you’re sporting them at spin class, running errands around the city, or rocking them for a quick pump pic, these leggings are sure to have your back every time!

Ruched Legging

One of our favorites on the list is Ruched Leggings. These fancy leggings tug the fabric to create a bridge between your glutes, cinching your butt in the middle to showcase maximum cheek.

The ruched leggings are the most flattering of the ruched trend. This trend was huge a few years ago and has been fizzling out with passing time. That said, ruched leggings are staying put, as they are an industry favorite.

These leggings come in various styles. Offering pairs with ruching down the entire back middle seam and those with a minor ruching feature at the top of the legging for a more subtle lift.

Contoured Legging

You may not have heard the official name of these leggings before, but we’re one hundred percent positive you know and love these leggings. What are contour leggings? These leggings have line and figure details under the glutes to round out and draw attention to your booty.

These lines are usually a deeper shade of the legging color. Its name can be attributed to the makeup technique that has created perfectly carved jawlines for all of us. Instead of our cheekbones, we’re contouring our other cheeks in the most fabulously flattering way.

These are a sure way to give your booty that coveted bubble look! The innovative designs make these leggings a more stylish pick than some more straightforward ones! They help accentuate your booty, creating the look of the butt you’ve always wanted. Contoured leggings are multitasking for you in the best way!

Padded Legging

These are the most profound booty pump leggings money can buy. If you already have a bubble booty, they may not be the most ideal option for you because they will overpower the proportion of your legs.

That said, smaller and thinner frames, or those with apple body types (whose shoulders are wider than their hips), can benefit the most from these designs.

This legging design features attractive padding, much like pads inside of your bra, to discreetly add some volume to your backside. It’s like a fashion-forward, body-positive heist! They’re going to flatter you best if the goal is to balance out your body and outfit.

The leggings are also available in shorter versions like spandex and biker shorts. Try these in a biker short version with an oversized tee and lots of accessories. Don’t forget your favorite sneakers and sling bag to finish the look!

High-Waisted Legging

The high-waisted fit is still immensely popular on the trend list. However, low-waist bottoms are making a triumphant return. This does not mean the same in the athleisure house of the fashion neighborhood.

The high waist is not only flattering for your stomach and hips but also for emphasizing that bubble butt you’ve been working to show off. A high waist brings the fabric up your lower back, which gives the eye much more time to register how long your legs are and how big your butt is.

The most popular item from athleisure brands is high-waisted leggings, and for a good reason. These will allow you to look cute while you work out, get killer pump pics, or be the cutest and most comfortable girl in your local Starbucks.

White Legging

Ever heard the term white jeans equals big and black jeans equals small? Think back to basic color theory— lighter colors and white will give a visual illusion of a bigger and wider picture, while black will provide you with the illusion of a thinner, smaller image. This works the same in fashion.

Little black dresses are meant to keep you looking slim and sexy, and white jeans give those glutes the screen time they deserve. This equally applies to white leggings—white leggings offer your glutes the perfect opportunity to strut their stuff.

Be careful when wearing white on other parts of your body that you don’t necessarily want attention brought to. Another tip is to wear a fun color top with your white leggings to add a trendy pop of color to your look and day!

Two-Tone Legging

Two-tone leggings are not to be confused with contour leggings. While they produce a similar booty-enhancing effect, the primary difference is the placement of lines, figures, and color of the leggings.

These two-tone pairs are another one of our more fashionable choices, especially with bold, bright colors being so popular on our runways right now. The most flattering two-tone legging is when one color cuts off on the leg, leaving the rear of your legs and booty in a different color than the front.

A popular and fun color mix for this two-tone design is pink and orange. If you’re into a more classic look, a black and white color combo is perfect for keeping you stylish and comfortable.

Yoga Pant/Legging

Yoga pant material, more professionally known as spandex, lycra, or elastane, is known for giving you a total bubble butt. This time though, we’re leaving the thick Pink waistbands behind and exchanging those 2010s nightmare pants for a more contemporary look that highlights your delicious contours.

While you can find leggings with this same material, the true key that makes this design stand out is the flare bottoms. So yes, while it may not be your traditional “legging," hugging your leg down to the ankle, they’re still on the list for their ability to round out and showcase those glutes.

Remember that the best version of these features an inverted triangle waistband. These leggings will show off your power booty while slimming your waist!

Lifted Legging

Much like the ruched leggings, the lifted legging is achieved by sewing ruched and uplifting seams in certain areas of the legging to enhance your rear. Instead of just cinching at the middle seam, these leggings are built to have more pull on the cheeks.

These leggings are not as specific as the padded or two-tone legging, but they are something to be on the lookout for. How do you know that you’ve found a pair of lifted leggings? You can feel the lifting effect when you put a pair of these babies on.

Although they won't be carrying you to the moon, these leggings will get the job done. So if you’re looking for a subtle, sweet lift, these are the leggings for you.

Textured Legging

These are TikTok’s favorite leggings right now. Textured, maximalist leggings accentuate your bubble butt with spunk.

This is another color/art theory braided into fashion reality— patterns enhance a picture, making it more attractive to the eye and widening the viewer’s perspective. This popular textured legging will do exactly that with your cute booty!

Rock this trend by combining it with more simplistic pieces. Go for a plain sports bra or bralette with these loud leggings. If you’re running errands, or if it’s not too hot in your city, throw on a plain black sports bra and a simple black puff vest for a super casual but cute fit.

With these leggings, sneakers are always a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do scrunch bum leggings do?

Scrunch bum, also known as ruched leggings, enhance your glutes' voluminous and strong appearance by applying a cinched detail at the top of the middle seam (or the top of your tailbone) and continuing it throughout the rest of the seam.

    What type of leggings make your bum look bigger?

    There are a variety of legging styles that can showcase your bum to give you the bubble butt of your dreams, including ruched, contour, two-tone, high-waisted, and textured leggings. Padded leggings are ideal for those with a slimmer frame to discreetly add volume to your backside

      What are the actual TikTok leggings?

      Several leggings have gone viral across the social media sharing app. The most recent favored pair would definitely have to be the textured leggings. Those things are pure viral gold.

        How do you make your butt pop in leggings?

        You can make your butt pop by wearing leggings suitable to your body type. Contour or lifted leggings help to give the illusion of a lifted rear. Those with a slimmer frame can benefit from extra volume from padded leggings.

          How do you make butt scrunch leggings look good?

          Oh my gosh, girl, let these leggings do the work for you! Pair textured leggings with a cute loose tee or a sexy sports bra to bring your outfit to the next level— a sleek, booty-popping look for a day on the town or your next workout.