Stay On Trend: A Complete Guide to the Hottest Fashion Styles

A mix of quarantine and coronavirus and the boom of social media regarding business has fundamentally altered how we approach trends. There is a model in the fashion industry that we call “The Trend Cycle” or a “Trend Lifecycle.” It explains a trend's lifespan and how and when it involves the public.

Think of that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Andy laughed at the two cerulean belts and Miranda triumphantly schooled her, explaining the very trend cycle we’re talking about now (wow, is that scene iconic or what!).

The trend cycle often begins with Haute Couture and premium designers, then trickles down the fashion waterfall to ready-to-wear designers and stylists, magazines, stores, and, finally, your wardrobe.

The coronavirus forced everyone inside, causing us to resort to online shopping and scrolling social media platforms. Fashion and trends have become so accessible that the trend cycle is portrayed upside down, sideways, and all around!

People like us are starting trends, and there is a mix of trends beginning from regular janes to the Paris runway. We’re loving it, and we’ve considered this when creating the perfect list of the hottest trends of 2022 for you!

Cutout Tops

Decorated keyhole chests, irregular hole long sleeves, and paneled cutout corsets; cutout tops have taken over the shirt and blouse department in one run.

They’re the apex of trendy and flattering and can be found on runways, on Instagram feeds, and in your local Starbucks. These are absolutely breathtaking with a matching or coordinating bottom!

Two-Piece Set

Again with the two-piece set, you say? Well, it is one of the best things introduced to our racks, and we’ll be wearing this for many seasons to come. This trend originated from our fascination with suit sets and Quarantine 2020's comfy home sets.

These sets have blasted off into a mesmerizing fashion movement that's still going strong two years later. We continue to see this trend on our feeds and runways, so our vote is that she’s not going anywhere.


We’ve talked about them, and we’re confirming this again for you: crystals, sequins, rhinestones, and even metallic are in. Dazzling and shining is this year's spark.

We’ve seen these embellishments and materials on suits, blouses, shorts, and all your accessories. If you don’t own at least a sequin button-up, girl, get on it!


Colder weather has yet to appear, so we haven’t seen the fur come out as much, but runways confirm fur will be a huge success this fall and winter.

Fur trimming, jackets, and tops will be all you see at those Fall Festivals. This, of course, is faux fur, as the industry has been moving away from genuine fur for years.


They’re baaack! The fascination with Y2K and the opposition to the high-rise has created a whirlwind of wonder for all things low-rise.

A rise in gym goers and body appreciation has also helped transpire this fashionable cause, and more and more women feel at ease experimenting with this fashionable trend. Verdict? They’re loving it!

Platform Heels

The 70s are everything that everyone is about right now. The platform heel has made a comeback in the most fabulously modern way, and we’re obsessed with the look, height, and comfort that come with this style.

This is your shoe to take out for your girl's night out when you plan on dancing all night long! No need to carry home your heels in hand with these babies.

Mini Skirts

We all want to look like Miss. Alicia Long Legs (Confessions of a Shopaholic, you know the girl). Mini skirts come in handy, especially for this occasion.

They’re working overtime to make you look taller and slimmer just by elongating the sight of your legs. These pair impeccably well with cutout crop top to really highlight those curves!


This trend is still in its beginning stages, but with the upcoming cold front, we expect leather to blow up alongside fur.

This material was all over the Fall/Winter shows in various silhouettes and accessories, so the freedom is yours to explore which pieces speak the most to you. As long as they’re in this luscious fabric, you’ll be totally secured in the style department!


You can thank TikTok and Instagram for this popular trend! Creators all over social media embraced and showcased the backless trend before it even hit the runways.

Now, we all want that black backless crop and floral backless maxi (you guys know the ones). It's also one of the sexiest trends on our list, and one of our personal favorites!


Big belts, chain belts, and belt-like features have solidified their place in our hottest trends list by conquering in total underdog style. Belts are even being incorporated into designs!

If you want to upgrade a basic dress or two-piece set, throw a chain belt to add glam and create a trendy outfit. We expect this trend to grow even more, so be on the lookout for these!


This immensely simple trend ups your outfit to an unbeatable level of hot. Gloved dresses, tops, and two-piece sets have set fashion lovers apart in the most luxurious way.

They’re a must for celebratory nights out. Pair gloves with feathers for a look that is sure to drop jaws. Just leaving that here for you (wink, wink)!


Mesh is a sheer, lightweight material that designers, stylists, and shoppers all collectively love. Mesh dresses, tops, and skirts dominated spring and summer.

Though some places might be too cold, this fall to wear mesh on its own, we expect mesh to come out as an essential layering piece this autumn and winter! The versatility is unreal!


Be on the lookout for this hue! Gold accessories are still very much in, but we’re seeing designers and stylists incorporate more silver pieces into their work.

This is another trend that was born this year and will grow over the next few seasons. So if you love being one of the first to sport a trend, this is your sign to jump on silver!


Yes, suits are still hot! Oversized blazers and coordinating suit sets have become a staple in any fashionista’s closet. They move with the colors of the season, and their lengths change according to the weather.

The fantastic thing with this trend is that virtually anything can be turned cute when you throw a big suit jacket over. Go try it!


You know and love a good corset, as this has been a fad since late 2020. The fantastic thing about this trend, like the two-piece set, is its ability to appeal to and flatter many tastes and styles.

The design versatility in this pattern is something for the books, and you’re for sure to see this piece on every influencer’s Instagram. See our collection of corset tops and corset dresses.


The longer your dress and the longer your skirt, the better. You may think we’re contradicting ourselves; how can mini skirts and maxi dresses be in? It’s possible!

Our trends stemmed from social media are team mini, and our runways are team maxi. So depending on your aesthetic, feel free to fall in line. All we know is knee-length is so out.

Concept Bags

Gone are the days when you own one simple shoulder bag whose purpose is to “go with everything.” We’re switching up our bags with every outfit. Bag designers have had a grand time innovating fresh and exciting handbag ideas that keep you as intrigued as they do in love.

How to Keep Wearing Your Summer Trends?

So you’ve invested in a two-piece cutout set and a mesh blouse. You adored them in the spring and summer, but now that winter is approaching, you're bummed you won't be able to wear them all year.

Fret not! Innovative styling is about transcending season and working your clothes to fit your lifestyle. Use your summer pieces in the cold by layering and creating interesting concepts you never thought of before!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trend right now 2022?

Some of the top trends right now are shiny materials, mesh, cutout tops, miniskirts, maxi dresses, leather, fur, and low-rise pants. As for accessories: platforms, knee-high boots, concept bags, belts, and gold jewelry are the way to go.

    What are some popular trends right now?

    Sparkling through metallics, sequins, glitter, and rhinestones are all over fashion right now. Low-rise bottoms, like the viral parachute pant, are also a hot trend for 2022. Belts are the hottest accessory of 2022, and their appeal is projected to grow exponentially in the upcoming seasons.

      What is trending now in fashion 2022?

      Cutouts, corsets, low-rise bottoms, two-piece sets, sequins, and fur are all trends that have overtaken our feeds and closets. We also love the growth of attention towards accessories and expect more exciting shoe and bag styles in the coming months.

        What is the fashion color of 2022?

        Pantone’s color of the year for 2022 is a periwinkle, so this shade and all different hues of purple have made the runway home. We love a good purple, but cobalt blue, Bottega green, and Valentino pink have made and continue to make a mark in 2022.

          What is today’s fashion?

          Today’s most popular styles include materials like metallic, denim, leather, mesh, and fur. There is a massive wave favoring embellishments like sequins, feathers, and rhinestones. Accessories like platform heels and concept bags also deserve trend attention!