Brighten Up Your Wardrobe: The Most Eye-Catching Color Trends of the Year

Brighten Up Your Wardrobe: The Most Eye-Catching Color Trends of the Year.

Colors are incredibly powerful and move with the seasons as silhouette trends do. We’re looking at the most popular colors in style right now and what colors suit you best this season.

Veri-Peri: The Color of the Year

model in runaway wearing purple dress

Pantone releases a “Color of the Year” every year. The color of the year 2022 is Veri-Peri, which is the most delicate stroke of periwinkle. This color has helped designers reach metamorphosis, releasing butterflies of transformative designs in this perfect purple.

Valentino is an exemplary leader in this purple revolution, as their Haute Couture 2023 line sings of Veri-Peri. Colors mean something and are part of the story a designer and/or house is telling.

Periwinkle is known for invoking tranquility and serenity in its perceivers. The color is also associated with new friendships, true romance, and sentimental nostalgia.

After the depth of the loneliness and sorrow of the Covid years, society and designers are looking to hit the restart button, and this beautiful periwinkle is just the thing to do it with.

Periwinkle is a color that can be paired beautifully to create a stupendously clean and rich look. A new color combination to be on the lookout for is this exquisite color and its trendy and complementary sister, orange.

Orange is very on trend, and as people adopt purple into their OOTDs more often, we’re going to see a rise in the pairing of orange and purple. We’re claiming it; we said it first!

We might lose you here but hear us out… purple and green. I know it’s hinting at Buzz Lightyear a little, but not if you do it right. We are no longer running from color opposites like the plague. We’re all about mixing and matching.

While periwinkle and lime was a fashion “no” before, it will be flooding your For You page soon, if it hasn’t already.

The key here is to color-block with minimalistic accessories or rock a monochrome look and have the purple/green in the accessories themselves. Try it out!

Trending Veri-Peri Color Combinations

  • Hot Barbie Pink
  • Marine Navy
  • Solid Black
  • Monochrome Violet

The Great Gatsby Green

Green is the girl that lights up the room as soon as she walks through the door.

model wearing green fancy outfit

She’s the girl who always has a pair of backup shoes in different sizes for friends in her car and makes you an Emily Mariko recipe and a hand-drawn card when you’re sick. She’s the sweetest, kindest, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

We love green these seasons. It’s vibrant, flattering, and a great color to pair with others. We see green on the runways of Paris from designers like Giambattista Valli and Maison Rabih Kayrouz. Have a look at some of our green dresses.

It’s said that this enchantment green has on designers sparked from Bottega Veneta and their monogamous relationship with this ravishing shade. We’ve even begun calling this magnificent hue “Bottega Green.”

Green symbolizes growth, freshness, and harmony.

In interior design, green is used in many spaces to encourage creativity and progress. To encourage learning and give children a sense of security and safety, schools and teachers in the field of education utilize the color green in their classrooms. In fashion, designers do the same, which is another prime reason ‌green has taken over our racks and shelves.

Bottega green is bold, energetic, and is a total grab for your shopping carts. Its sister shade, Lime, is emerging beside this imperial color to serve alongside her. Lime is a fresh, cutting-edge color that brings your outfit to life wherever you choose to sport the hue.

Lime is famous amongst swim designers, and Miami Swim Week 2022 showed just that. We watched as the runways were strutted with lime piece after lime piece, obsessed with the choice of this spirited fabric. We’re expecting seasons to come to embrace this color with creative excitement.

You can take these two famous shades and create an immersive look. A monochromatic outfit with Bottega green and lime will give you this intriguing and fashionable depth to keep people commenting on your picture for days.

Summer tip: you’re sporting top trends if you’re seen in a two-tone Bottega green and lime swimsuit. We’ll just leave that there for you!

Valentino Pink

Barbiecore, cottagecore, balletcore, what do all of these have in common? They all have a familiar foundation in pink. Pink has dominated many runways these past seasons and continues to be a favorite amongst celebrities, models, and influencers.

While pink is a well-liked color, the vibrant neon shade has brought pink back into the conversation in a way it hasn’t been part of before. Back in the day, we say our favorite color is pink, and our mind immediately goes to baby pink feather boas and soft pink tutu skirts.

Now, pink is a power play. You say pink and think of that deep, bright shade that presents itself with actuality and a demand to be seen. Paris Couture Week 2022 showcases a love for the color in various playful textures and intriguing silhouettes.

We see chic pedestrians rising to the fashion occasion (hoping to be snapped by world-famous fashion photographers), using the streets as their runways, and proving that pink is the color we need to be rocking now.

Like green, this neon dream is being followed by a romantically inclined pink hue that caters to your nostalgia more than you think. Check out our pink dresses.

Do you remember the viral blush Zara dress? Its beautiful and connected shade caused stores to sell out in mere days. We’re more in love with pink than we thought!

This season, try to incorporate pink in your accessories. Accessorizing is becoming a must, and creative accessorizing is being continually entertained by our favorite stylists.

Invest in a bright pink clutch perfect for brunching out or a pair of bold pink platforms for your painting picnic. These cute and simple ways to introduce pink to your feed will set you apart from the crowd!

Pink is, and always has been, associated with love and romance. This is powerfully fitting due to the encouragement and awareness promoted towards self-love. So we’re not wearing pink so others can fall in love with us, no, no, no. We’re wearing pink to fall in love with ourselves.


Yellow has come out of the shadows in a new and exciting way. We simply adore how this underdog has captured our attention this season without a second thought.

model wearing yellow dress with ruffles

Dua Lipa in Balenciaga’s Paris’s Haute Couture 2022 collection is a perfect example of how attractive this color is. This gorgeously textured, sunshine mini-dress with an incredible side-train stole the hearts of fashion critics everywhere.

This color is naturally uplifting; it can change your mood the second you put it on. Yellow symbolizes hope and happiness; in some cultures, it represents courage.

This is a radiant color that designers take advantage of in the most creative ways. Have a look at our yellow dresses.

This color is still emerging and is in its early stages in the trend cycle, meaning hopping on this trend now will make you ahead of the pack. Vogue has claimed this color is to be on the watch for, so even though not everything is yellow quite yet, it will be, trust us.

Honorable Mentions

Primary Blue

This Crayola dream blue is coloring us intrigued with its tasteful play at combining bold and cheerful. Don’t confuse this with royal blue, the fascination of the ‘10s.

This primary blue is the basis of every art class and is now the foundation of your favorite outfits.


Orange is in, in, in. Whoever said orange is the new black was right (was it Taystee?). This sunset color is a streetwear and couture favorite and has made its name known in the past few seasons. Our favorite pairing is with pink, do with that what you will.


model wearing black feather dress

We said we would not talk about neutrals, but this one is different. Black is forever a trendy color, something you always will and must have in your drawers.

Still, the recent fascination with basics has taken black to a new level. We’re seeing black evolve through compelling and diverse designs.

Our personal favorite is black lace and feathers. This is a luxurious deluxe, yes!





Frequently Asked Questions

What colors will be popular in 2022?

We look to runways, racks, and trend forecasts to determine what colors will be industry favorites for a particular year. This year the trendy colors are periwinkle purple, Valentino pink, Botega green, canary yellow, primary blue, and carrot orange. We’re also seeing a rise in sales of neutrals, predominantly black.

    What colors go with green?

    Green is a very hot color right now. If you’re not going for a monochromatic look, you want to ensure that the color coordination feels cohesive to a perceiver's (or camera’s) eye. Pink is a captivating combination of green, and blue also fits naturally with this color. If you want something bolder, try purple!

      What colors go with purple?

      Our color of the year; you want to know how to pair it right. For a spunky, New York City-inspired look, go ahead and throw it on with some green or orange. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, navy is a securely chic route. If you’re going totally basic, a beautiful sandy beige will surely make you shine.

        What colors go with red?

        Though red is not a supermodel on our runways, it’s almost considered a basic to many women. Pairing red can be tricky because the color can be very intense, but it can be easy with some guidance! Our favorite trick is pairing a dark red with lighter basics for a professionally retro look. For a date night, try a purple or red dress!

          What colors go with brown?

          Again, not a color we talked about, but it doesn’t make it less popular. Brown is still a poppin’ neutral accentuated by luxury brands like Cult Gaia. Though you can choose to mix browns with other bright colors, we personally prefer browns with other neutrals. It looks cleaner and richer and gives a magazine-worthy balanced look.