Crochet Comeback: The Top Crochet Fashion Trends for 2023

There are numerous speculations about the origins of this method, which has been linked with various tribes all over the world, but we can undoubtedly place crochet on the 1800 timeline in Europe. It was created as an inferior and cheaper version of lace, which as a delicate embellishment was quite expensive at the time.

This type of craft struggled to survive as only common folk utilized the method until Queen Victoria herself bought crocheted lace from a poor Irish farmer after a potato famine. This was a mighty stamp of approval in the world of fashion and earned its permanent place in crafting after the queen herself took up crocheting.

In the western world, crochet really soared during the 20s and 30s and continued to grow as the decades flew by. Popular for winters, wartime, accessorizing, and even evening gowns; crochet touched the sky in the 60s and 70s with a remarkable impact on fashion.

Designers today are showing a heavy nostalgic and idealistic obsession with the 60s and 70s, so it's no surprise that crochet has been a major part of that. They've even kept the fantastic element of these pieces being handcrafted with skill and patience! The difference is, that the crochet of today is modern and exciting, taking on different forms and shapes to create stunning pieces that you’ll just die to flaunt at your next outing.

Dresses, sets, accessories, and more: the world is yours with this fantastically unique trend that everyone is crazy to get their hands on. So if you weren’t in love with crochet before you read this, you definitely are now!


This style is a crowd favorite and one of our personal favorites too! It’s a marriage of contemporary and vintage with a splash of always photogenic. The shrug we’re talking about here is a long sleeve intensely cropped sweater with closure at your collarbone or the bottom of your neck. This style can also come as a one-piece without a tie or button and is just as stylish.

We scared you there, I know, but we’ve left those 00s mini shrugs in the past. This crocheted beauty is available in a range of knits and is ideal for all seasons. This can be impeccably paired with a sleek bikini or shine with a tight turtleneck. It’s your call, but sporting this trend is definitely a cute one!


The granny square embroidered crochet tops are not necessarily hot anymore, but that doesn’t mean that crochet tops are totally out of the game. Oh no, crochet tops have entered a new era of trendy! We’re talking crochet knit corsets, halters, tanks, and bralettes, and these are coming from household fashion names like Cult Gaia, Bottega Veneta, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Crochet tops are easy to get obsessed with, in fact, we encourage it! Depending on the knit you choose, this material is coming from natural fibers that have an innate ability to keep you cool or warm depending on the season. This indicates that your top has your back in addition to being adorable. That’s a fashion victory in our book!

Flare Pants

Again with the 60s and 70s, we know, but it’s a major source of inspiration for designers and we can’t fault in not talking about this retro style. Flare pants are in like never before, and for a good reason too. They’re not only here to make your outfits extra fashionable, but the flare at the bottom gives the illusion of slender legs.

These crochet flare pants are everything you’ve wanted for that beach party and everything you’ve needed for brunch by the water. They’re also loved and admired by city streets, so don’t be afraid to take these babies out for a stroll around your local Trader Joe’s. These pants are too fabulous not to show off!


You might be surprised, but it was quite stylish in the 20s to own a crocheted evening gown. In the 50s, Dior’s “new look” captivated the crocheting community, and thousands of knitted figure 8 dresses were materialized for the most fashionable girl. We’ve seen crochet dresses all over history and we’re embracing them again as they reintroduce themselves as a super modish trend!

Christopher Esber is an exemplary designer who has modernized this technique into contemporary pieces that any woman can love. We see maxis, midis, and minis combined with straight, aline, and tiered either being long-sleeved, off the shoulder or even strapless! The variety is hard to miss, and it gives every aesthetic a style to rock!


Like dresses, crochet skirts made their name in the 50s as decorative pieces to throw over simple A-line silhouettes. They’re back and no matter what style of skirt you feel most comfortable in, crochet has got your taste for sure. The cool thing about a lot of crochet skirts is that they have lining under them, so you’re able to sport them in more places than you think!

If you haven’t tried a crochet skirt yet there are two ways, we can go about it. You can go with a mini crochet skirt, a cutout baby tee, knee-high boots, and sports sunglasses to finish it off. If you’re more on team maxi, pair a straight-lined bralette with an oversized jacket with this long skirt. Don’t forget your kitten heels, a Jacquemus-inspired clutch, and off you go!


Your basic, most comfortable, and loved sweater is mostly crocheted. That one you’ve had in your closet forever. Regardless of whether your grandmother created it for you years ago or you recently bought it at a mall sale, it is equally welcome in our fashion chat. Long chunky sweaters are in and tiny cropped styles are in, too. Which do you choose?

Both! Crocheted sweaters are one of the best items to have in your closet as, if they’re really quality, they’re meant to stand by your side for the test of time! These sweaters are perfect with a relaxed jean or a miniskirt. Just don’t forget your accessories to go with this stellar outfit!

BONUS: Colors & Patterns

Crochet is sometimes confused with being material, but crochet is actually a technique of hand-weaving. This means that the material used to knit can come in a variety of different types and colors. Designers and crafters have loved the freedom this method gives them, as pieces and collections have recently come out with inspiring colors and patterns.

Styles like ombre, color blocking, and even tiny pictures are created out of these weaves. The creativity is endless with this trend, and with an influx of maximalist patterns and prints taking over our magazine covers, then we’re expecting even more of this innovation to shine through!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is crochet in fashion in 2022?

Yes! Crochet is being utilized by many designers and fashion houses in inspiring new ways. This method is also being found in mass on new accessories such as crochet bags, crochet headwear, and even crochet jewelry! The fashion industry is hooked on crochet!

    Is crochet out of style?

    No, not at all. Crochet has very much made a comeback as designers are inspired by the 60s and 70s these seasons. We’re seeing crochet take over the fashion world through bikinis, dresses, and bags. This vintage technique is being modernized by all of our favorite brands!

      Is crocheting slow fashion?

      Answer: Crocheting is the perfect face of slow fashion. It is a conscious and handmade technique that's quality can withstand the test of time and many seasons. Sustainability has become a huge part of our fashion culture, and crocheting fits perfectly in it!

        Are crocheted sweaters in style?

        Answer: Most definitely! Crochet sweaters in long styles and in ultra-cropped styles are all the rage right now, as we head into our next seasons we will definitely see the growth of appeal in them! They come in a variety of colors and patterns perfect for any aesthetic.

          What crochet items are trending?

          Answer: Crochet hats, crochet bags, and crochet two-piece sets are great examples of trending crochet items. The truth is, the method of crocheting is what is most popular so there isn’t a specific crochet item to wear but rather whatever garment is made with this fantastic craft!