How Could You Attend Miami Swim Week For Free?

Many of the Miami Swim Week runway shows are invite-only for industry leaders and the media. However, there are shows that the general public can attend. These shows typically cost money to enter and you can find ticket information at Below we will discuss a few ways that you could attend Miami Swim Week for free. 

Model Casting

Whether you are a veteran of the model scene or just starting, you can check casting information with various Swim Week producers to walk in one of the many runway shows. 

Some producers will pay you to walk the runways, while others may offer free photos and videos that you can use in your portfolio. This is a fantastic way to attend one of the largest fashion shows and get some real-life runway experience. 

No model should have to pay to be a part of Swim Week. There are plenty of producers that are willing to give you something for your time. Whether that is money or photos for your portfolio. 

Vasaro Model Casting Oppitunites

On the Vasaro website, you will find model casting opportunities. You will need to complete our application. Currently, Vasaro is looking for runway and print models who can participate in upcoming events, including runway shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and more. 

Casting opportunities for Vasaro are held in Miami, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Diego, Scottsdale, New York, and Las Vegas. If you think you have what it takes to be a Vasaro model we invite you to sign up for our many casting opportunities. 

Become A Miami Swim Week Volunteer

Producers will have a variety of ways you can sign up and volunteer at Miami Swim Week. Paraiso allows you to sign up to volunteer right on their website. Volunteers are what makes Swim Week a huge success. There is no cost to volunteer, but you will need to submit your application to be considered. 

Volunteering allows you to gain experience in helping with a large nationwide event and it could look incredible on your resume if trying to break into the fashion industry. Signing up to volunteer can also be done through the Swim Week Miami website. As we get closer to time, there will be a volunteer registration section. 

Aside from filling out an application, you will probably also be required to attend a training session. After all, this is a major event and producers want to make sure everything is well organized so that their shows run smoothly. These trainings are very straightforward and are created to be informative but fun. 

Volunteers may help set up and teardown events, check in guests, or help with crowd management. This is a great way for you to meet new people while gaining a wealth of event planning and management experience. Plus, you will be contributing to your community while having fun.

If you want to attend a Swim Week Show for free, volunteering is one of the best ways! 

Work At A Venu

Working at one of the event venues is another way you can attend one of the many runway shows for free. You could consider picking up a bartending gig during this week or working in a hospitality suite. Either way, you would be getting paid for your time while being a part of one of the biggest fashion shows across the nation. 

As the schedule for Miami Swim Week 2024 becomes available, you will be able to find where events are happening. You can then decide which shows you would like to attend and apply to work at those venues. However, gaining a job at a venue will be based on your experience and does not mean this avenue of attending an event for free will work. 


There are loads of ways you could attend a Swim Week event for free. Just keep in mind that no models should have to pay to walk in a runway show. There are more than enough ligit producers who are willing to either pay you or give you something in exchange for your time. If you want to see the latest trends in swimwear be sure to shop with Vasaro