Inclusive and Body-Positive Swimwear: A New Norm at Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week is full of swimwear suitable for the most risqué personalities, as designers come through with some of the sexiest swimwear pieces. Typically, there is a body type that is a prioritized presence on the runway, but this year, Miami Swim Week was full of body inclusivity, as models of all sizes walked in swim’s stylish swimwear. 

Zoe Chin

Zoe Chin

Though Miami Swim Week has been highly criticized in previous years for the lack of body inclusivity, 2023 was a whole new runway. Not only were the models unbothered by sharing the runway with women of all sizes, but fans of the acclaimed swimwear debuting took a liking to finally seeing plus sizes models in fashion’s best swimwear designs.

Designers & Models Receive a Positive Reaction to Body Inclusivity

Kaylin Garcia

Commenters on Instagram were quick to react to the inclusion, saying, “Perfection.” While another said, “You did that!! So happy I got to witness it.”

Vasaro swimwear model, Kaylin Garcia, even added to the commentary with how grateful she was for walking in their show, saying, “Thank you!! And thank you for picking me and including all body types in your show.”

 2023 Miami Swim Week

Vasaro designer, Armani Sadeghi then said in response to Garcia, saying, “I selected you because you’re beautiful and I knew you’re a powerful woman who can be a role model for young women.” Continuing, “Vasaro is about female empowerment and you are the epitome of strength.”

Body Inclusive Swimwear Designers

Zoe Chin

This year there were plenty of designers who represented the essence of pure body inclusivity. Among said designers are Sports Illustrated, Vasaro, Club L London, BFYNE, OFUURE, and Michael Costello. 

Top plus size models like Zoe Chin walked in multiple runways representing her natural beauty, while model Kaylin Garcie solely walked for Vasaro and Kamie Crawford for Sports Illustrated. 

One thing that’s for sure about including models of all sizes this year, is that viewers will inherit confidence by seeing someone of the same size walking in all their glory while being praised for doing so.

What’s Next for Plus Size Models?

Zoe Chin

Although popular brands like Victoria's Secret have been chastised and even canceled in 2019 for their lack of body size representation, brands who are beginning to make a name for themselves have stepped up to empower women of all sizes. 

With the Victoria’s Secret runway show making its way back later this year, will there be plus size models? Well, singer Lizzo has weighed in on the topic of VS and their unawareness and lack of body inclusivity, saying, “This is a win for inclusivity for inclusivity's sake. But if brands start doing this only because they've received backlash then what happens when the 'trends' change again? Do the CEOs of these companies value true inclusivity? Or do they just value money?"

Zoe Chin

It’s no surprise that body positive women like Lizzo have commented on the trend of companies making a comeback after they’ve received criticism for not including plus size models, as she’s been a dominant force in making ‘big’ beautiful with her show Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.

2023 was undoubtedly a monumental year at Miami Swim Week for including bodies of all types. With the inclusion just beginning to make waves, it will be no time until girls of all ages and sizes are able to feel comfortable and accepted just the way they are.