Las Vegas Clubwear: Statement Style Trends for the Ultimate Night Out

So what are you going to wear? The big, red question has been swamped in your mind since you booked the tickets. You’ve got nightclubs, casinos, shopping, brunch, and all those hip restaurants TikTokers talk about. You’ve got your casual wear down, but let’s talk Las Vegas Clubwear trends to ensure your evening looks as hot as the city demands.

Las Vegas is a melting pot of fashion, so trends here are marble bags of wonder, and we’re here to help sort them out. While this city may not be a fashion hub or known for starting trends, they definitely know how to shop and rock them. So don’t be fooled by the bright high rises- they know what they’re wearing there.

The Mini Dress

The mini dress is a staple Las Vegas piece. This silhouette is a sure star in any Las Vegas-themed movie scene or other media. It’s light, tiny, and the perfect canvas for any embellishment or fabric trends that want to join this famous shape in its stardom.

It’s also a sure way to elongate those legs and catch one or two free drinks from winners celebrating at the club.

The ‘blinged out’ mini dress is a fabulous safe zone if you’re not sure what type of mini dress to rock on the Vegas streets. It fits the Vegas attitude to the tee. Another one is a silk mini, a classic clubwear choice you can never go wrong with.


This city is about standing out in the crowd, so what better material to do that than sequins? Sequins are a trend in every city, so it's no surprise they’ve claimed Las Vegas as a joyful residence.

Las Vegas clubs are known for their out-of-this-world experiences; nothing screams out-of-this-world more than sequins! Sequin mini dresses are a must in this city, and a matching bag will do you more good for free shots than not!

If you’re looking for something a little more comfortable, try a two-piece sequin short set to set off the tone you’re looking for! Comfy, yet always down for a good time!


We’re compiling this list with the two most sparkly options next to each other, and we’re doing it on purpose. Shining material is all that’s hot at the moment, and Vegas has caught this brilliant fever.

Rhinestones are a favorite of the masses, and we’ve seen how they’ve taken over Las Vegas clubs in one night. Rhinestone embellished slacks and rhinestone midis are creating waves of excitement in this city’s clubs.

If you want to be part of a subtle shine, hop on this trend with a rhinestone clutch or ‘blinged out’ accessories for a dazzling outfit win!

Mini Leather Skirt

Las Vegas has a long, committed, passionate relationship with the mini leather skirt. It’s a Vegas piece that screams fun, fashion and having a good time.

Though the mini leather skirt left other cities, this spot held onto this garment until it returned to trend lists. This skirt has long been considered a fashion gold.

If you’re unsure what to pair your mini leather skirt with, try a sexy mesh crop top or a rhinestone fringe tie top to get you the perfect club outfit. Don’t be afraid to throw on those trendy Versace platforms to go with it, as these are sure to take your outfit to another level worthy of a delicious Cosmo.


Nothing is sexier than mesh under low club lights. This fabric is at a trend all-time-high, and we’re here to tell you: wear that mesh now! It’s also the best fabric to keep you cool after you’ve been dancing with those hot strangers all night.

Mesh dresses are designated for ultimate It Girls, and you are definitely a one.

Not sure what to wear under? Opt for neutral undergarments for a cohesive look. If you’re down for something new, try colored undergarments to jazz up the feel. Remember to match the shades!


Gloves are luscious, luxurious, and everything Vegas. Silk, satin, mesh, feather, and even leather gloves enter the chat with a versatile glow we’re all jealous of. These with a mini dress is simply an outfit to die for!

If you’re headed to this magical city for a birthday or a break-up celebration, as the star of the show, you’ve for sure got to sport this trend. If you’re not a fan of the mini dress and gloves look, throw a matching glove with your top and skirt for a more casual but totally fashion-forward look.


Cutouts are not only trendy on the runway but trendy in the bouncer’s lines for the hottest clubs in Vegas. Cutout tops and blouses are a club favorite, as they allow for extra breathability and a taste of sexy for the wearer.

Cutout flare pants are also becoming a club staple, especially with feminine designs like floral and artful shapes. These can also be combined with other embellishment trends like rhinestones and fringe for a perfect Vegas look!


Fringe is another Vegas look that has withstood the test of the trend cycle and has been a permanent trend to style this city’s clubs.

Lucky for their dancers and players, fringe is on the rise in clubwear for other cities, so you can sport your Vegas wear back home too!

The key here is that this fringe is not a western suede fringe that has made headlines but rather rhinestone and vibrant fringe. We love the variety of fringe we’re seeing in these clubs and have to say that this trend is a sure stay and slay!


Feathers are a trend craze, like gloves, and we’re seeing them hit luxury party after party. These are the apex of everything luscious, and if you’re not strutting this embellishment if it’s your trip, whatcha doing, girl?

Feather bandeaus, feather-trimmed tops, and even feather heels are all over these clubs. They’re a Las Vegas favorite and a way to make a memorable entrance into these hot spots. We guarantee they will be your feed's favorite by the time you return from your trip!


Ties, laces, and strings are all around Las Vegas clubs, casinos, and restaurants. They’re a hot trend that is sexy, edgy, and flattering. Think corsets; how can you pull them until you hit maximum slim thick? Yes, these lace-up tops and dresses do the same!

If you’re a little edgier, try a leather lace-up for an ultimate baddie look that will catch the eye of secret admirers and those looking for outfit inspiration. You can even indulge in this trend through your heels!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear in Las Vegas right now?

For casinos and clubs, stick to sparkling mini dresses, cutout two-pieces, and feathers galore. If you’re down for a little more piazze, it’s very Vegas to go out with a diamond link choker to add to your fabulous look. Remember, this is the time to go all out!

What should you not wear in Vegas?

For nighttime and clubs, sneakers are usually on the forbidden footwear list, so try to stay away from styling those. Casual sandals and flips flops are also huge no-gos for evening dresses. For the daytime, try to avoid heavy fabrics, because it gets hot during the day!

How should I dress for a day in Vegas?

Dress light and avoid heavy fabrics like denim or any type of fleece or fur. Though it’s trendy, Nevada during the summer months is pretty hot (it’s the desert, remember!). You’ll want lightweight, sweat stain-resistant clothes to keep you cool and cute.

What should I pack for a 3 day trip to Vegas?

Pack your essentials, of course, and lightweight casual clothes for the daytime. A comfortable pair of sneakers for exploring is essential. Your most sparkling and statement clubwear must go in your luggage for night looks. Don’t forget your platforms!

What do you wear in a restaurant in Las Vegas?

Many fancy restaurants will have a dress code to adhere to. Think business casual: dresses, skirts, trousers, and a mule. Men think collared shirts and button-ups, and some spots require smart jackets, so research if there is a dress code.