Discover the Latest Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Trends to Upgrade Your Style

No matter how they claim their fame—the rich and famous have always been known to sport the freshest celebrity fashion trends before the styles have hit the masses. They’re impactful influencers that act as real-life mannequins for the newest runway pieces and are integral in creating trend forecasts.

This century-old practice dates back to Italian renaissance courts when commoners would look to the royal and wealthy for fashion guidance. Those in power always wore the most stylish and decadent clothing, and this tradition continues to follow us into modern times.

We’ve compiled a list of street-style must-haves adorned by our favorite icons, giving you the ability to dress like you’re one of them. Looking for that million-dollar look doesn’t have to be so hard. We just have to take a peek at some Instagrams!

The Jhort

The jean short, or ‘jhort’ as we lovingly know it, is a favorite amongst celebrities running errands around your major cities. We used to be surprised when the paparazzi caught these stars waltzing around Whole Foods in jeans and a t-shirt. An expected glamor factor followed the famous even if they ran out of milk!

Celebrity Styles to Watch

Nowadays, celebrities have taken a casual hit to their wardrobes, and their stylists have indulged in the addition of these laid-back elements, such as running shoes, yoga suits, and jhorts. You’ll see these all over young models’ Instagrams and sensations like Megan Markle, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and the recent mom- Kylie Jenner.

Mini jean skirts are also on the rise, so don’t be surprised when they fill these icons' closets and appear all over celebrity-style TikTok.

Parachute Pants

These oversized cargo bottoms are exactly what anyone in love with Y2K realness and its baggy cargoes is looking for.

Celebrity Style: Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber has made these her official bottoms of 2022. Her Instagram is filled to the brim with this piece of clothing.

She’s not the only celebrity behind this fly trend, and she definitely won’t be the last. These comfortable, low-waisted nylon pants are also super flattering.

Hailey shows us how to wear it best, with a tight, short plain tee on top and these parachute pants as their best friend. She pairs them with Airforces or Jordans and even plays with small braids to finish the look!

White Tanks

Like the ribbed white tanks that most men throw under their crisp button-ups— celebrity stylists and icons have taken this mediocre undergarment and transformed its utility to create a versatile piece for fashion-forward outfits.

Celebrity Style: Dylana Suarez

Famous models like Dylana Suarez are owning white tanks and showing how cute they can be. So whether you’re ready to raid a man’s closet or pop into your local shop, be just as prepared to fall in love with the simplicity of this garment. Our celebrities love them, and so do we!

Wrap Sunglasses

Another style we can proudly associate with dadcore— this trend is influenced by the sport-style sunglasses worn previously by fathers to their local baseball games. Now, top models and celebrities are sporting this style with true fashion intent and are moving the masses to follow this chic trend.

Celebrity Style: Kim Kardashian

Wrap glasses are the offspring of the 00s huge circle wrap sunnies and the slim shades of the past few seasons. They’re the perfect balance of retro and futuristic, making them the ultimate modern accessory. This trend is loved hard by celebs like Kim K, and we do not see it going anywhere soon!

Valentino Pink

If a celebrity isn’t spotted in this captivating color, are they even a celebrity? We thank Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli for introducing this spectacular hue to our beloved stars. Their iconic looks influence us in our wardrobes.

Celebrity Style: Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is slowly but surely leaving behind her days of simply being known for being a top pop artist and is now entering her fashion idol era. She is a massive curator of this famous pink and many other personalities. We’re excited for more looks to come in this captivating color!

Cutout Dresses

Cutouts; we love them, magazines love them, designers love them— so celebrities love them. Celebrities worldwide have been fascinated with this trend, and we’re all about it too. These cutout dresses are the epitome of flattering style and modern fashion patterns coming together to create something that simultaneously appeals to so many different personal styles!

Celebrity Style: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is a prime example of a star who has taken over the cutout dress trend and made it entirely her own. This cutout queen has struts this look on the runway and around Target.


We’re not surprised that celebrities are popping up all over style reports in this super trendy material.

Celebrity Style: Tessa Thompson

Our trend prediction that leather was creating its own revolution turned out to be entirely accurate.We’re watching it unfold through icons like Tessa Thompson.

Want to know the most fashionable way to include leather in your wardrobe this season? Accessories are an excellent way to start— nothing screams chic more than a knee-high leather boot. Leather maxis are a rising trend that hasn’t hit the masses yet, but is seen on the red carpet. This is one to look out for if you love dresses ahead of the trend!

Baggy Jeans

Much like parachute pants, baggy jeans make their statement with the big bottom and small tee style. These jeans are perfect for running errands around the city, shopping on Rodeo Drive, and visiting the local farmer’s market.

They fit with your Versace pumps and Alexander McQueen sneakers all the same. They’ve got a majority rule on celebrity love! Do you want to combine them with a Gucci belt and a Marc Jacobs tote bag? Go for it! You can’t be overdressed with two different brands on you.

Celebrity Style: Bella & Gigi Hadid & Billie Eilish

Sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid have sported this style of jeans all over the streets of major cities. This jean is where fashion and comfort meet, and our stars can’t seem to get enough of them! If you don’t believe it, search for ‘Billie Eilish being the coolest girl in the room,’ as Vogue explains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fashion trends in 2022?

Answer: The top trends of 2022 are cutout garments, baggy bottoms, simple white tees, sequins, rhinestones, and matching sets. You’re going to see a rise in leather, maxi skirts, and fur in the latter part of this year with the colder weather. Celebrities are sporting all of these trends right now!

How do you find out what celebrities are wearing?

Answer: You can find what celebrities are wearing firsthand through their social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. If you like compiled information, looking at fashion blogs and magazines can give you the inside scoop about what is hot among celebrities!

Which celebrity has the best street style?

Answer: Kim Kardashian is the queen of street style at the moment. She is also known to share the spotlight with Rihanna, the Hadid sisters, and Emily Ratajkowski. This is one of the best ways to see what trends from the runway have passed the everyday trend test!

What trends are currently popular?

Answer: Some of the most popular trends include denim, leather, sequin, feather, and maximalist prints. We’re seeing a lot of cutout patterns on celebrities and your regular jane alike, and are all about baggy bottoms. Accessorizing is also a huge part of 2022!