How to Style Cutout Women's Fashion Trends for Any Occasion

The 1960s greatly influenced today's designers, and popular culture frequently leads people to believe that cutouts were born in this decade. Now, while cutouts were a massive part of the sixties, they can be traced back to the 30s. 30s cutouts were very small, often accompanied by lace or other embellishments, and were famously sported by actress Bette Davis.

Then comes our favorite decade, the 60s, when artist Bridget Riley popularly reintroduced the cutout. The trend took off and continued to boom throughout the decade. Strategically placed cutouts flirted with babydoll dresses and printed blouses, and the 60s flowed with this sensual and fashion-forward style.

All good things come in threes. We have the 90s to thank for that because this decade rededicated itself to this trend with a fiery revitalization that had celebrity, runway, and street fashion wholly captivated.

The current minimalism movement is renowned for its roots in this sleek decade, so it is no surprise that cutouts came along with it. Cutouts have been modernized and adapted to fit more than just the minimalistic aesthetic. Now, cutouts are all over different moods and attitudes of style, coming in a variety of shapes, techniques, and patterns.

We can safely state that this style has put us in fashionista heaven. We can't wait to see how designers will interpret and continue this trend in the following seasons! Prepare the closet for more of this fantastic style!


Cutout dresses are the summer style, and we expect nothing different. Jersey, cotton, polyester, and linen are all being used as canvases for this modern trend. These cutouts are materializing in forms like that backless dress TikTok is obsessed with and celebrity-styled cutout midis screaming inspired on Manhattan’s busy streets.

The cutout dresses also come in different presentations, such as Ruched or Drawstring cutouts. The solid side cutout is another exhibition of a flattering cutout meant to be an unforgettable fashion moment and a powerful message of confidence and personal style.

These dresses are also defying the laws of seasoned dress, as new silhouettes and materials make this trend an all-year affair. As fall creeps up on us, maxi dresses and long sleeve dresses are making their way into relationships with this pattern, and we’re all over it!


Perhaps you're asking yourself, seriously, cutout pants? They may not be as popular as cutout dresses, but cutout pants are on the rise, and we’re excited to see where they go! Cutouts on pants are initiated in many ways. We see cutouts on leg sizes, hips, and even under your glutes!

With strong flower power in action, we’re not surprised to see many of these cutouts in floral motifs. We’re also crazy about the romance fringe and cutouts cultivating to create the perfect vacation pant to fit any beach destination.

This trend is sometimes paired with small decorations like O-rings and ties to add even more drama to these stylish pieces. Try to style these pants with a simpler blouse or crop to let these bottoms shine in the way they deserve!


Cutout crops, blouses, tees, tanks; name it, and it shall be because it already is! Cutout tops are the most accessible and versatile cutouts to add to your trendy wardrobe. They’re available in various styles and fabrics, making nothing but an “ooh la la” appropriate!

One of our favorite ways this trend has made its name is through the mesh, long sleeve cutout top that has become a clubwear must. This, paired with a coordinating mini and a killer heel, will have your feed saving your picture for major outfit inspiration.

If you’ve yet to try this famous trend, you can do no wrong with a cutout top. The cutout top will look great on you regardless of whether these designs highlight your arms, back, or chest. Give it a chance; we promise you’ll never look back!


Skirts, mini to maxi, are here to rock this season and their mix with the cutout trend is something we cannot miss mentioning. In the same spirit as the pant, the cutout skirt presents itself in modern ways, including other embellishments like ties and diamonds to become your go-to skirt.

The most popular cutout skirt we’ve seen is the waist cutout in a maxi skirt, and it’s safe to say we’re in love. Suppose you’re more team mini and are looking for a trendy cutout. In that case, the side leg keyhole style is equally fabulous as its competing maxi!

This cutout skirt is exactly what the 60s would've wanted for us, and we’re glad to have the chance to stun the streets with this flattering and exciting trend.


We can’t forget those extra pieces that take your outfit to the next level; jackets are just that. They are integral garments in your closet that deserve as much attention as your essential items and are a significant part of our favorite trend.

Cutout jackets have stolen our hearts through their exciting patterns and diverse materials. We’re currently seeing cut-out jean jackets from brands like Area and cutout blazers from houses like Lado Bokuchava.

This trend is not slowing down, and we expect even more cutout jacket options to hang on shop racks. We promise that that’s all you’ll see this fall and winter on your outfit inspiration Pinterest board!


Cutouts have officially made their mark beyond everyday wear into your favorite bikinis. If Miami Swim Week has taught us anything, cutouts are the style of the season and the seasons to come.

Bikini bottoms with sultry cutouts and monokinis with romantic patterns are the talk of the town. They’re not only so in the scene but totally flattering to whatever body type you’re rocking. Remember to pair this cute suit with an equally trendy crochet coverup for the ultimate summer look!

Cutout swim is your ticket to an endless summer, and this year is all about sunshine all year long. Pro tip: If you’re looking to extend the wear of your bikini, try wearing these as bodysuits and layer pieces underneath them for some outfit depth. This is how fashion starts; innovation, practicality, and finding fun in the clothes you wear!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cutouts in fashion?

Cutouts are a literal design to match their name, as the pattern appears as a block or “cutout” in the fabric in the form of shapes or other motifs. It is a prevalent and used trend in fashion right now, as seen on the runways and among celebrities and influencers alike!

Are cut-out dresses still in style?

Yes! Cutout dresses have been making their way back into our closets. After our latest runway shows and trend forecast reports, we’re happy to declare cutout dresses as a sure style for 2022 and the upcoming seasons.

Are cutouts in style?

Cutouts are in style and have been a trend reaching its peak over the past few seasons. We see cutouts all over our industry in dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and even swim. It is a trend projected to get even cuter in the next few seasons!

Are cutout shirts in style?

Crops, blouses, and tees with the cutout style are one hundred percent in style this season. We’ve seen these tops all over celebrities and covering our magazines from front to back. These shirts are trendy, flattering, and convenient closet favorites!

What is a cut-out swimwear?

Cutout swimwear is an extremely popular trend. Popular designs showcase pieces with a pattern or shape ‌literally “cutout” of them, giving them a modern sense of sensuality and style that the everyday woman can love and appreciate!