Level Up Your Wardrobe with High-Quality Basics

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Level up your wardrobe by investing in high-quality basics. Made with the best fabrics and materials, high-quality basics last a lifetime — giving you versatile styles for every occasion while saving money for the next season!

Why Buy Quality Pieces for Your Daily Wardrobe

Buying elevated basics ensures item longevity and timeless fashion, as these basic pieces are effortlessly chic and universally flattering.

Fashionable basics are classic and modern garments that are interchangeable and can be styled for any occasion.

For example, a little black dress is a versatile and quality item every woman should have as a staple in their wardrobe.

You can make it casual for your coffee date with your bestie, and glam it up for your weekend out!

Benefits of Elevated Basics

The primary idea of investing in elevated basics is to develop a collection of timeless pieces guaranteed to stay in style and last long-term.

One of the benefits of buying high-quality basics is that these items are already in top-tier shape, giving you a head start on the quality and look of your garment.

Saving Money

Your high-quality item might be a few dollars more right now, but investing in essentials will save you money in the long run because these items are made to last. This saves you more time to get ready, extra money for a statement piece, and patience for your occasion ahead!

Easy Upkeep

When the textiles of your apparel are well made and taken care of, there isn’t much need for timely upkeep.

Time Saving

A collection of quality essentials in your closet makes it easier to put an outfit together and saves you time shopping for replacements.

Reduces Stress

You will always have something to wear when your closet has versatile and reliable pieces that can create a variety of outfits.

More Closet Space

A closet that contains 1-2 quality white tees rather than a vast amount of simple white t-shirts with varying levels of wear will save you time rifling through your drawers of tops to find that one without the red wine stain

Quality items are generally more durable, so you will need fewer items, clearing up more essential storage space.

Promotes Intentional Shopping

Instead of browsing through a store and loading up your cart with everything you think is cute, having a solid collection of essential items helps you to shop with enhanced intention.

You only purchase items you need to elevate your closet rather than shopping just because you feel like it.

Wardrobe Essentials

Just like your favorite pair of black heels or white tennis shoes, taking care of your high-quality basics is a priority in fashion.

Your white Nikes look best when they are looking their newest — the same goes for your favorite LBD.

The better you take care of your clothing, the better your clothing shapes your body over a longer wear time, giving you the perfect fit with every look — so forget about that cover-up because quality attire is meant to shape your figure without fault.

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The Best Basics

When it comes to those timeless pieces that create your go-to wardrobe staples, you want to look for the following items to create the perfect everyday basics capsule wardrobe.



  • White tennis shoe
  • Basic Flat
  • Pumps


High-Quality Fabrics To Look For

  • Chiffon / Silk
  • Cashmere
  • Pima cotton
  • Leather
  • Double-lined mesh
  • Satin

The Perfect Fit in All the Right Places

Ever wonder how some fashions are exquisitely eye-appealing and stay true to their curve appeal?

This is because high-quality basics are designed with your best shape in mind, giving you a perfect and effortless fit for multiple seasons.

A higher grade of fabric is made to be stitched closer together, firmly holding the garment in its rightful place for much longer. This gives you a flawlessly accentuated figure and luxurious comfort and style.

You won’t have to worry about uneven seams or falling straps because high-quality attire stays true to its natural make and appearance.

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Rhinestone Sparkly Creamy White Bodycon Bustier Midi Dress with Stylish Cutouts and Ruching

Key Components of High-Quality Basics

When buying basics, it’s easy to turn to fast fashion because it’s cheaper and readily available anywhere. Fabulous at first, yes — but these items are not made for multiple seasons.

Clothing that has a quick turnaround results in spending more money, as it is prone to wear and tear, causing you to have to replace the item sooner.

The fabrics and materials used for fast fashion are less valuable and luxurious than those of high-quality basics. So really, it’s more of an investment for you to buy higher-quality basics before going down the rabbit hole of department store consumerism.

How to Shop for Elevated Basics

Having an idea of what you’d like your date night and special occasions to be styled is an investment before the investment. So try and spend the extra time before spending the extra money to ensure your confidence in what you’ll wear. You may have heard “more bang for your buck,” which is precisely what that means.

Spending time researching your high-quality basics before investing in them also gives you a better idea of what and what not to choose for your new wardrobe, as you’ll be able to compare the higher-end styles to the faster fashion and soon see the significant differences.

  1. Look for inspiration from more lavish and luxe brands to identify the style aesthetic you want to achieve.
  2. Before revamping your entire wardrobe, make a list of garments you may want, search for specific high-quality brands, and look to social media platforms for what the whole outfit could look like.
  3. Quality over quantity is everything when investing in wardrobe-essentials. Make sure the fabric is of good quality, and the brand is reputable.
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Over time, the investment in your style will inevitably translate into elevated confidence and then some! It may take time to build your worthwhile wardrobe, but once you've mastered what high-quality attire looks and feels like, you’ll be set for life!

Basics Clothing Brands

Ready to start compiling your basics wardrobe but unsure where to go shopping? No problem; we have got you covered. We listed our favorite brands to make your next shopping day a no-brainer!

  1. Vasaro: Affordable luxury brand with cutting-edge designs and modern, high-quality attire ranging from dresses and bikinis to workwear and athletic attire.
  2. Everlane: Modern minimalist designs with style for everyone.
  3. Pact: Budget and environmentally friendly clothing focused on simplicity and comfort.
  4. Oh-Polly: Fashion-forward attire featuring modern trends and branded designs.
  5. Mango: Reasonably priced versatile clothing company with loungewear, workwear, and activewear basics.

High-Quality Basics FAQS

What are considered basics for clothes?

Basics are modern and chic pieces that stay in style. The neutrality of basics guarantees multiple outfit combinations, giving you fashion statements for every occasion. For example, an LBD can be worn anywhere and pairs well with anything.

Why buy basics?

  • Versatility— gives multiple outfit combinations 
  • Never goes out of style 
  • Make it casual or formal 
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Elevates your style 

What does high-quality mean in clothing?

High-quality clothing is determined by the manufacturing process and quality of fabrics used (e.g., silk, satin, double-lined mesh…etc.). The stitching of finer apparel is closer together, assuring durability without being prone to rips or tears — providing a contouring fit that holds over time.

How do you wash clothes without losing quality?

Using cold water and detergent without toxins or parabens provides quality care for your high-quality clothing without harming or stretching the fabric. Always be sure to check and follow the clothing label, as it will explain exactly how to wash and dry your apparel.