Stand Out on the Dance Floor with These Hot 14 Clubwear Trends 2023

You might stress over the factors that make a night out memorable, but the perfect outfit should not be one of them!

We’re here to wave your worries and make your dream club outfit an easy reality. We will discuss 14 inspiring club wear trends to prepare you for evenings filled with dancing and socializing!


Sets have taken over all factors of the fashion industry, whether professional, casual, workout apparel or your favorite clubbing attire.

Combining two pieces that match perfectly is an effortless way to look incredibly clean and expensive.

Think a pink ruched mini skirt and coordinating crop top or a printed bandeau and flare legging; these are chic and modish outfits that are so simple to throw on and dance the night away!

Graphic dresses

Earlier this year, Kendall Jenner shook the internet with her Y2K-inspired blue graphic mini dress, and we’ve been obsessed.

Graphics and abstract designs have captivated bodycon dresses and converted them into a chic clubwear option.

These dresses are the perfect combination of comfort and fashion. When you’re vibing with that mysterious stranger, the last thing you want is a stiff outfit to keep you from accessing the dancing queen within.

printed design mini dress

Flare or straight jeans

Many people think ‌jeans are a hard no-go for clubbing, but we’re here to tell you they’ve been telling you wrong! Jeans create a fresh, effortless look and are ideal for staying comfortable throughout the night.

We’ve shifted away from skinny jeans; meanwhile, flare and straight legs jeans are dominating our closets. Try a straight leg jean, a trendy bodysuit, heels, and a rhinestone chain for a club outfit win!

woman wearing white top and blue jeans


Cutouts are a trend that has inspired designers and conquered our nightlife wardrobes. Cutouts are so in and can be the perfect way to add spunk to a glamorous look.

Cutout backs are upscale to the max, and cutout waists are crazy flattering.

Whatever type of cutout calls to you is a sure way to be both the envy of the party and the recipient of many free drinks and phone numbers! Check out our line of cutout dresses here!

Cross halter

The cross halter top has transcended the runway into streetwear, swimwear, and clubwear. Its universally flattering and trendy appearance has supported its reign as one of the hottest clubwear trends.

If you don’t own a cross halter top, grab that spare scarf you’ve had in your closet forever.

Wrap the scarf around your back, bring the two sides up to conceal your bust, cross them at your neck, and tie them in the back, and you have a quick, easy, and stylish cross halter in minutes!

woman in black cross halter toppeach cross halter dress


Laces, ties, and strings have a passionate love affair with nightlife wear.

Whether tied at your waist, bow strings around your shoulders, or lace-up stilettos, this trend is a sexy way to showcase your best features and capture looks from other clubgoers.

The key to this trend is to leave the remains of your ties hanging. Don’t tuck away what’s left of those seductive tiny bows, but make sure to tie super tight so you’re secure until the morning.

lady wearing black tie-up topwoman in yellow tie-up dress


Summer is in full swing, and bikinis are in total rotation. As sustainability sweeps over the fashion world, the idea of versatility in your pieces is imperative.

The world is falling in love with mixing your swimwear with formal clubwear to create unforgettable outfits.

A white bikini top with a timeless leather skirt is a free shot from Mr. Bartender. A peek of your waist ties from a high-cut bikini bottom is admission to that coveted VIP section.

Plus, more room in that carry-on for those gifted souvenir blue labels!

woman wearing white tie-up bikini top and black pantswoman wearing white bikini top and green jeanswoman in white bikini top and blue jeans


Mesh, sheer, and net are all edgy and sexy materials that give the perfect amount of intrigue, appeal, and style. A simple black bralette or bra underneath is the best companion to this irresistible trend.

These lush fabrics are not only seen as tops but also as bottoms and jumpsuits.

How sleek would it be to strut up to that bouncer in sheer bottoms with a black high-waisted brief to complement the exaggeration of such bold pants? An extraordinary fashion, I dare you!

printed mesh outfitblack mesh top outfit


Gloves are everything, and gloves are everywhere. They’re the single most sought-after accessory of 2022, and we’re all for it.

Gloves can infuse class and flair to any attire, and clubwear is living for this trend.

This accessory is a must if you’re the star in a night of celebration. If it’s your birthday, bachelorette party, or if you’re feeling like a total superstar, this is a sure way to make sure you stand out in the crowd.

woman in pink satin mini dress with gloveswoman wearing set of yellow green outfit with gloves


Whether you're going to an upscale dinner before hitting the dancefloor, worried about bloating, or looking for an hourglass figure, a corset top is definitely the way to go.

This piece will contour your figure in the best way possible, enhancing your natural curves and creating a defined waistline.

Spaghetti strap corset bodysuits are a favorite of ours, as they’re secure, moveable, and hit a style maximum. This piece can be combined confidently with other clubwear trends in this list for your most liked Instagram post to date.

lady in pink corset topwoman wears printed corset top with brown pants


Leather has become a wardrobe staple and is massively current on the 2022 runways.

It is the perfect pairing of classic and edgy, creating a flawless club look in mini skirts, crop tops, bodycon dresses, and body suits.

The trick to nightlife attire and leather is to avoid layering. You’re going to be swinging back shots, dancing with sexy strangers, and running after that friend who keeps making trips to the bathroom (we all have one!), so layering leather on other pieces is a no for comfort.

model in all black leather outfitwoman in shiny black leather outfit


All the hottest clubs have disco balls and crazy lights. It’s just facts! Set the night's tone and let your mini dress be the star of the show with this lustrous trend.

This is another perfect style for the birthday girl, bride, or back-on-the-market hottie!

Pro tip: invest in a colorful sequin set that you can mix and match to have multiple looks. That’s three night-out outfits with one swipe, a total steal if you ask us!

pattern see through outfitmodel wearing sequins mini dress


Catsuits are making their way from couture into clubbing attire, and talk about ahead of the wave! They’re fresh off sketchbooks and ateliers, making this an early introduction to our party scene.

If you like to stay ahead of the pack, try this trend on your next night out and expect lots of compliments and new followers.

Mix it up with a mesh or pattered catsuit for some extra edge. Trust us, you’ll love it.


model in runaway in black sexy catsuit



Fur clothing is huge right now, but it’s so heavy and hot that it’s not ideal for fresh and convenient clubwear. Yet, its luxurious partner, the feather, is making strides in its place.

Strapless all-feather tops dominate modern clubwear as a light, luscious, and chic fashion trend. This fad is feed worthy, so don’t forget to snap a pic with your cosmo in your high-fashion look!


Most clubs have dress codes that don’t allow sneakers or casual footwear. Heels are an obvious option, especially with your fabulous fit.

The 70s have a strong influence on many current designers. Platform heels are making a vigorous, contemporary return to the fashion industry.

Instead of your classic stiletto, we’re replacing this skinny heel (which you’ll be dying to take off an hour into the night) with a comfortable and trendy platform heel. Your feet will thank you after!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is acceptable to wear to a nightclub?

Most nightclubs adhere to a standard dress code which is smart/dressy casual or semi-formal for more upscale clubs. This means mini ruched dresses, contemporary cutout bodysuits, and hot leather skirts; an impeccable uniform for a night out to remember.

What should you not wear to a nightclub?

We’ve waved our wand and made your fairytale clubbing attire a reality, but what about what not to wear? Most clubs don’t allow sneakers, so try to avoid casual sports shoes and definitely no flip-flops! Sweats, gym wear, or “ill-fitting” clothing are not permitted, and looking sloppy will not earn you entry.

What do you wear on a night out?

It depends on where you’re going! Bring the feathers and gloves if you’re hitting up an upscale club’s VIP section. If you’re bar hopping with some co-workers, keep it cute with a bodysuit and baggy jeans. Try a bikini and clubwear mix at a hot beach club!

Can you go clubbing in jeans?

Most of the time, the answer to this question is yes, but there are a few occasions in which jeans are not appropriate. Be sure to look up your destination’s dress code to make sure that the dress code is not semi-formal or formal. Most clubs are smart/dressy casual, so jeans are welcome!

What do guys wear to a club?

When it comes to clubbing dress codes, a stylist will always suggest that men should keep business casual as the standard. Dress jogger pants, casual slacks, and dark, fitted jeans are club-friendly bottoms. For the top: button-ups, polos, and appropriate tees are go-to’s. Loafers, boots, and dress sneakers are the footwear choices to keep you stylish and in dress code!