2023 Miami Swim Week Standout Designers and More

In an era of less is more, the swimsuit serves as the perfect example of what summer and feminine beauty is all about. All year, women work towards their ultimate physique, looking to feel comfortable and chic in their summer bikinis. Though you may spend hours on end sculpting your body to fit your summer suit, designers all around are working just as hard, designing from morning to night to bring the best of the best for fashionistas just like you.

The importance of fit and style is essential in your summer picks— and at Miami Swim Week 2023, a showcase of swimsuits that are perfect for your pool party is displayed with the confidence every woman deserves. From simple to intricate, designers like Beach Bunny and Vasaro meticulously create luxurious pieces intended to make you feel your sexiest self.

Where to Go and What to Expect

Beach Bunny Yacht Swimwear
Named one of the longest fashion weeks in the history of swimwear, Miami Swim Week delivers on all fronts. With
most of its shows hosted near South Beach in various nightclubs and hotels, the essence of beauty is everywhere. Though most shows are press and invitation only, there are publicized lists of shows that are open to the public. So if you are in the area during the first week of July, check out venues like the Fontainebleau Hotel for a show that will blow your mind away and make you wish you were poolside with your new bikini and shades.

At this year’s shows, you’ll see improved styles with new designs and colors that weren’t even visible to your eye the year prior. From intricately cut one-piece monokinis to carefully designed two-pieces that highlight all your best curves, Miami Swim Week has it all.

Designers and Styles to Look For at Miami Swim Week 2023

Beach Bunny Swimwear

Beach Bunny White Bandeau Bikini
Looking for high-quality and holiday-ready wear?
Beach Bunny’s July 4th celebration swimwear and halter neck bikini top with keyhole cutouts are both trendy and relevant. You’ll have the perfect color for the 4th, making you feel right where you should in your best look of the summer.

Vasaro Swim

Beautiful Pink Metallic Bikini Worn By Brunette Model
When it comes to sexiness and comfort,
Vasaro is a perfect example, as their patented designs are both invigorating and timeless — leaving you wanting to stay slaying in your embellished bikini all day by the rooftop pool. Not only do the designs of Vasaro closely hug your curves, but they are also styled with quality jewels and a luxurious fabric that is unlike any other.

Beau Swim

 Beau Swim White Bikini with Midriff Wrapped Strings

If you’re looking for something less revealing but is still in style, Beau Swim has all the right fits for you. Though the bottoms of a bikini may be semi-high-cut, the width of their design covers most of the buttock. Beau Swim also has a gorgeous selection of one-piece suits that will engage you with the sunshine while making you feel as comfortable as needed.

Kittenish Swimwear

 Kittenish Peach tinted bikini

Want a fashionable design for your weekend getaway? Kittenish is where to go. From crisscrossed halter tops that shine like the sun to matching cover-ups for your lightly tinted swimwear, Kittenish offers trendy styles for all sizes and body types so you’ll never leave the rack empty-handed.

Luli Fama

Luli Fama printed green bikini

As for days spent by the Mediterranean Sea,
Luli Fama has the perfect sets with patterns and cutouts that will make you the focal point of the beach. The collection consists of periwinkle standouts and patterned sun dresses that flow with the wind as you walk by your favorite gelato shop. Luli Fama also has sets that include a pink and blue hue that is as dreamy as a Moroccan sunset, leaving your tan look even more golden than it already is.

How to Style Your Summer Swimwear

Miami Swim Week 2023 swimwear is perfect to show off the body you work so hard for. Just as the sun has its time to shine, so do you — and with the many satin and metallic finishes modeled, you’ll never miss a summer 2023 trend. Aside from fabric type, the specific cut of the fabric is also something to watch for. There are tops with triangle halters, bandos with self-ties, and strappy monokinis that hug your curves at angles that are just right. As for coloring, bright is in. From pink to orange, yellow, and blue, Miami Swim Week has all of the shades to highlight your summer glow.

Trendy Swimwear Cover Ups

 Vasaro black lace kimono

When it comes to styling your swimwear, a kimono is essential, especially for the ocean breeze. Since Miami Swim Week 2023 is full of luxurious suits, a wedged heel by the pool or on the yacht is a trendy choice. Though the swimwear selections are all standout pieces, your confidence in your bikini or one-piece is what makes the style pop even more, making these luxe suits ideal for a trendy and fun time near the water.