Sparkle in Style with Our Selection of Eye-Catching Bling Mini Dresses

Bling may now be described and showcased in a variety of ways. There are rhinestones, diamonds, crystals, glitter, sequins, and generally shiny materials. These main elements will have you reflecting (literally) style wherever you go. Yet, when did these popular features make their name?

In Bohemia and the Czech Republic, crystals and shining embellishments have a dazzling upbringing that stretches back to the 13th century. This is the start of ‘the bling’ in its purest state.

Rhinestones made their official entrance through flapper fashion during the roaring 20s. Once the Great Depression hit, this trend came to a halt. Once the 1960s and 1970s arrived, rhinestones made a strong comeback— this time with accompanying sequins and crystals.

Since then, the art of bedazzling has been a design feature that designers have favored. We’re now reaping the benefits of their labor of love in the most stylish way!

These brilliant mini dresses are perfect for nights out at the club, sorority formals, and the famous birthday dinners. They are even acceptable for bottomless brunch out with your girls, and the wearability doesn’t stop there! These minis are undoubtedly here to stay; they are just too adorable!


For the most nostalgic among us, we'll start with sequins. We’ve traded those Y2K sequin fringe bags for dazzling mini dresses fit for the queens we always knew we were. This is also the most colorful of all the embellishments we will discuss today.

We’ve seen sequins come in lime green, vivid purple, fiery pink, and intense orange. Sequins constructed from plastic instead of glass can be used in different techniques and thus provide us with fun patterns like checkerboard and ombre with various shades and hues.

Sequins are also your classic vintage movie star fabric. If your personal style leans more vintage, then the sequined mini dress is the perfect night-out dress for you. Time to say goodbye to that boring black bodycon that’s been in your closet since high school. It’s a new era, and this is the dress to hit your peak!

All-Over Rhinestone

Occasionally, this fashion may be mistaken for the sequin pattern, but don't worry—we're here to dispel any confusion. Sequins are created in layers, which lay on each other in rows, while rhinestones are stand-alone tiny crystals that cannot be layered over each other. Rhinestones are placed next to each other or are strategically placed to have space between them.

Rhinestones are a classic embellishment that has been around for a long time and are a must-have when you want to seem as extravagant as possible.

An embellished black mini dress is our personal favorite and a club classic for ladies' night at your local club. If you’re going full rhinestone, ‌make sure your jewelry matches your dress. Most of the time, the rhinestones will be silver, so coordinate your hoops and heels according to this hue if you don’t plan to go for a colorful look!

Mini Mirrored Net

You might be asking, what in the world is a mini-mirrored net mini dress? This mini dress is composed of tiny mirrors or disco tiles in a net pattern to create a design that is sexy and fashion-forward. These dresses are entirely see-through— the only coverage coming from the strategically placed mini mirrors. This makes them the perfect style for those edgy elevator pictures you’ve wanted to take forever!

This style can also be created through tiny chain links, giving you more coverage than if the dress is made in a net pattern. If you’re about confidence and showing off that gorgeous body, pair this sexy style with some black undergarments underneath to give yourself a complete runway-esque look.

You can also try a pair of colored undergarments, like a soft blue, for an exciting pop of color underneath. If you never got the chance to rock this dress in the summer, and it's a little chilly outside, throw on a basic mesh catsuit underneath for a totally chic look that is also season-friendly!

Rhinestone Feather Mix

The rhinestone feather blend on a dress is your classically stylish birthday girl dress. This style exudes elegance and class and will get you those free celebratory shots all night. Feathers and rhinestones are associated with everything luxurious, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone thought you were a successful model and invited you to a VIP table.

If you embark on the rhinestone and feather mix journey, you must equip yourself with the right accessories to get you through the night. Just like a stylist friend of ours from Miami always says, “Let your dress be the lead, and your accessories are the choir.”

In other words, try to stick with a simple stiletto and minimal jewelry. Busy dresses such as this can seem busier if your hair is in the way, so if it feels comfortable, slick your hair back to give your neckline more room to breathe (which will also make your neck appear longer, thus making you appear taller!). Also, always, always carry a clutch. Don’t let your perfect outfit be dragged down by the casual with a shoulder bag. Clutches or mini bags are the way to go.

Does Metallic Count?

Metallic is trending on the runways, and you undoubtedly see these fabrics all over your feed. That probably makes you think if this qualifies as a blinged-out mini dress fit for your stunning OOTN.

Our answer is yes! Metallics have a fantastic ability to reflect light and produce a subtle shine that is perfect for those minimalistic girlies looking for something simple yet runway-approved.

A fashion influencer favorite is a cowl neck metallic slip with a crystalized halter. This mini dress fits in at any party, whether it's your big city night scene or your local club. Metallics can also be found on more breathable fabrics, so this material takes the cake for the most comfortable on our list!


  • Hair:
    • DON’T be afraid to show that long neck and collarbone.
    • DO slick your hair back with any of these amazing dresses. It will give more attention to your dress and body and will feel like a more cohesive look overall.
  • Bag:
    • DON’T keep the same big shoulder bag you use every day.
    • DO opt for a detailed clutch or a mini-chain/handbag to maintain only your essentials. It will complement your level of elegance rather than standing out as an out-of-place addition.
  • Jewelry:
    • DON’T over-accessorize with big pieces of jewelry.
    • DO keep it minimal so that these accessories don’t clash with your dress. Remember, your dress is the lead and your accessories are the choir. For example: opt for hoops, a tennis bracelet, or one statement ring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sparkly dresses in style 2022?

Yes! Sparkle, bling, sequin, anything that shines has made a mega comeback in 2022. We’ll surely continue to see it in these upcoming seasons. Rhinestones and crystal mini dresses are all the rage and make the perfect outfit for a night out with your girls!

    Are sequins out of style?

    Not at all. Sequins are an influential trend in the 2022 shows and seasons, from sequin mini dresses, maxi skirts, and even sequin suits. We’re seeing designers embrace this brilliant fabric with zeal, so we don’t expect sequins to be out of style for a while.

      What is a bling dress?

      A bling dress is anything that shines. It’s a striking, luxurious, over-the-top piece meant to make you stand out wherever you wear it. Some great fabrics and embellishments that match these criteria are rhinestones, crystals, sequins, and metallics. It’s a dress that says it's all about you!

        How do you wear a mini dress?

        Wearing a mini dress can sometimes make some of us feel anxious. Yet, it’s all about confidence. Making sure you accessorize your mini dress with the right shoes and dress will make you feel empowered to walk taller and strut it like you're on a runway. Confidence is how you wear a mini dress!

          How to keep sparkles from falling off your dress?

          If it’s glitter, spray a layer of hairspray on the dress, so the glitter adheres to the fabric better. If it’s a rhinestone or sequin, keep a small bottle of gem glue or E6000 with you for quick fixes. These are tips from a working stylist in the field to help avoid that.