Stay On Trend with These Must-Have Fall Fashion Trends for 2022

Fashion is all about thinking forward. Per fashion’s rules, we’re looking at our upcoming season’s trends before they even hit the racks.

We know you’ll fall in love with these smart, flattering, and versatile trends that sing "contemporary" perfectly. Count on your notifications blowing up your phone after posting your chic new look this upcoming fall!


Tuxedos, blazers, and masterly crafted suits are the apex of all that is chic and modish.

This trend is one of the biggest to hit this decade’s runways, transforming your father’s drab office attire into fashionable wardrobe staples.

Not only are we seeing these traditional ensembles as their intended two-piece sets, but also as inspired singular pieces, such as dresses and tops, that exude creative fashion freedom.

That power suit in your closet is your best friend on all occasions.

woman in black dress with white neck tiewoman wearing black dress suit with petticoat


The baggy, tom-boy sentiments of the past seasons are bidding adieu to make space for this ultra-feminine, sweet trend.

 We’re talking bows interweaved within every part of your favorite outfits; on waistlines, sleeves, necklines, and all over your accessories.

 Couture designers are bringing ballet-core lovers their dreams via fabric and thread, and we’re not complaining.

 With the correct placement, bows can add the perfect amount of feminine flair and modern romanticism.

flowy top with bow and printed skirtavant garde dress with bowoff shoulder mini dress with ribbon

Big Prints

This Autumn/Winter is all about loud, spirited, maximalist prints.

The heavy 70s and 80s influence on designers spearheaded this patterned revolution, introducing new must-have pieces in your wardrobe.

Accessorize these bold prints with stackable jewelry to complement the maximalist movement that this trend is riding.

This fall, leave the casual at home, and be sure to step out with these uplifting prints.

woman walking wearing printed matching outfittwo women wearing different and colorful printed outfitswoman in mini polkadot dress with cutouts


Sequins are everything right now, even more so as we approach the upcoming holiday season.

Even men’s fall/winter 2022 fashion has fallen under the sequin spell, creating a unique trend that captivates everyone’s attention.

Silver and colored sequins are coming out of the runways and lookbooks, so be on the watchtower for these inspired designs!

sequins yellow green dress with foldswoman in sequins dress with cutoutssequins long sleeves top with black skirt woman


Y2K is coming back and better than ever. We’re so into the luxury and class the fur is associated with.

This trend is not only incredibly stylish but will keep you warm on those mitten-demanding days.

Fur is finding itself on all your favorite pieces, as the main character, and in intricate detailing on your cuffs or collars. Snatching up a coat snitched of this opulent fabric is an absolute must!

denim outfit with pink furwoman posing wearing green fur matching outfitblack fur coat top


Willow trees of patent leather jackets and rivers of pleated leather skirts; this is the fashion heaven Fall/Winter 2022 has dreamed up for us.

Leather is the key to looking tastefully expensive this season, especially in your streetwear looks.

Our favorite and most popular interpretation of leather is the leather trench coat. A stellar piece like this is a staple statement in your wardrobe, one that will always be there to have your back.

woman wearing tuxedo blazer style dress leather with see through skirtwoman in purple top and leather pantswoman in shiny black overall outfit


We’ve recently been on a beautiful, fashionable train tour of neutrals, and we’re not ready to get off! We’re exploring the wonders of design and simplicity with the classic hue we know as beige.

Killer skirts, must-need coats, flowy blouses, and structured dresses are bringing this color to a new level of being seen by being so on the scene!

This shade is a key to maximizing those minimalist basics.

lady in beige outfitwoman wearing printed beige dressrunaway model wearing all beige outfit

Animal prints

Zebra and tiger patterns influenced this Spring/Summer immensely. We’re not surprised that this fantastically wild print has flowed into our 2022 cool-weather must-have trend list.

Leopard is still alive and well, so don’t throw out that blouse just yet. It’s not as prominent in the shows or trend forecasts, but we still have some classic leopard print on luxury shelves.

Pro tip: pair colorful, basic accessories to make your animal prints stand out!

girl wearing black crop top jacket and animal printed zebra pantswoman posing wearing zebra printed dresslady in tiger printed overall outfit

Maxi hemlines

We want your hemlines to hit the floor. Delicious fabrics and elongating shapes are working hard to ensure this season is not only fabulous but a great way to hide those toasty long johns for those brutal winter months!

Long, slimming silhouettes are not only on-trend but extremely flattering to many body types.

Next time you’re in the mall, channel your inner royal and add that running through-an-abandoned-castle look you’ve needed for so long. It’s in style; you have a valid excuse now!

woman wearing white and green maxi hemlines dresssee through maxi hemlineslady in printed maxi hemlines

Slouchy boots

Remember when the circulation-cutting thigh-high boot was all the rage? The ones you tried at least half an hour to get over your leggings? Don’t worry, that shoe is staying in the past.

Introducing its sister, the high slouchy boot, entering the scene with some real sass this autumn.

Attention to shoes is taking a new position in the fashion world, and we love that these Fall/Winter 2022 shows are giving us what we want. We’re even happier that the shoe is a comfortable statement to give everyone around you “heart eyes.”

woman in ruffles design cutout top and beige pants with slouchy bootsperson wearing knitted gray jacket with blue thigh high bootswoman in pleated purple dress with boots


Stripes have been rebranded and reintroduced to the world as a classically current pattern, and we are here for it.

Playing with stripes and lines, especially vertical ones, gives designers this fantastic ability to sculpt completely new silhouettes using the tool of illusion.

Try stripes out on a maxi dress or blazer; trust us, you’ll thank us later. Tilt your phone up and get a full-fit look when snapping pics of yourself in this model pattern. Everyone’s going to be asking about your gym routine.

woman wearing horizontal knitted stripes top and denim skirtwoman in printed vertical stripes dressperson wearing printed stripes outfit


Ruffles are another rollover trend from the Summer/Spring 2022 shows that captivated many designers.

Whimsical and romantic, this modern-renaissance trend has enveloped collars, sleeves, and necklines to live up to those fairytales dress fantasies.

Rejuvenated femininity has launched a new era of livelihood through cascading fabrics in the softest, most exquisite way. Someone, please catch us; we are falling in love.

woman dancing wearing white and green ruffles long dresswoman in printed long ruffles dresswoman in black ruffles design top and black jeans


Let’s talk about The Coat

Long gone are the days when a coat was just meant to throw over your cute outfit as a means of warmth. Your coat is an essential part of your Fall/Winter looks.

We don’t care about the layers upon layers under your tiger print knit sweater or the multiple wool leggings stuffed into your slouchy boot because we don’t see them.

We do see your coat. Think luxurious white fur collar coats or a glamorously thick leather coat‌ outfit you’ve had in your head for days.

Invest in quality outwear that is a statement and compliments your outfit. You deserve to look fantastic and feel fantastic in every way with every piece!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the trends for Fall 2022?

The most popular trends for Fall/Winter 2022 are fur, sequins, bows, maxi-silhouettes, and the continuation of a heavy suit/tuxedo influence on design.

We’re calling this upcoming season the “Maximal Minimalist’s dream” because while our prints are bright and energizing, our silhouettes are keeping to their simple and flattering shapes.

What is the color for 2022?

Every year Pantone releases a Color of the Year. For 2022, they have declared it to be “Very Peri,” the most delicate hue of purple. Nevertheless, we’re seeing purple in all of its shades saturating this year’s racks and shelves.

If you haven’t yet, pair a vibrant purple with a fall-friendly neutral to accentuate the color stylishly!

Are leggings still in style for 2022?

The answer is definitely no if you’re thinking of those fast fashion black leggings. Unless those black leggings have a matching crop, leave them in their respective grave: your Snapchat memories.

Let’s talk about the leggings in style; printed, stirrup, and flare are your rejuvenated legging types to keep you comfortable, warm, and stylish.

What are the trends for Winter 2022?

You’ve lucked out. Traditionally, designers release new pieces twice a year for the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This means that what will be on-trend in fall will also be on trend for winter.

Pro tip: we always get the shows and lookbooks in their opposite season.

What colors will be popular in Fall 2022?

Of course, our color of the year, “Very Peri” has made its debut on the runway. Pantone also released their Autumn/Winter color trends and found orange, pink, green, yellow, and red are brought to us via bold hues.

The vibrant colors are changing the fall narrative. The story is all about how you stand out because, as fabulous as you are, you deserve to.