Sizzling Summer Style: The Hottest Fits & Fabrics for a Hot Girl Summer

What do you wear to that picnic with your friends or shopping around your vacation town? We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about the most effortless, stylish summer outfits you can throw on this summer when you’re not tanning by the pool.


Before we talk outfits, we must discuss fabrics first. The materials that make up your clothes make a crucial difference in keeping you cool and sweat-stain-free.

Nobody wants to spend ten minutes taking the perfect OOTD just to find the back of their summer dress soaked. Listen, Shakespeare, that’s a real tragedy.

The key to finding fabrics that are cooling and comfortable is investing in natural materials, or in other words, not synthetic.

Natural materials have come from natural resources with little to no changes. Synthetic materials are fabrics that have been chemically altered on some level.

Synthetic materials are great for affordability, water resistance, and anti-wrinkle. Still, they will not have your back when you enter the boxing ring of summer heat.

Since natural fabrics come from animals and plants, these pieces have amazingly inept cooling features. They will protect you against the summer’s biggest bully: the pit stain. Girl, can we not have that during hot girl summer?

Best Fabrics for Summer

Lightweight and breathable fabrics dominate hot weather fashion.


Cotton is considered the best fabric to wear in the summer against all its competitors. It’s a fresh, light fabric that is irresistibly comfortable and can easily be transformed into many fashionable outfits.

Think of your classic oversized white tee or cottage core-inspired puff sleeve dress. This is a fabric that is going to keep you cool and cool all summer long.


Another great fabric to keep you picture-perfect this season is linen. We don’t know about you, but when someone says linen, we’re picturing juicy strawberries and sparkly mimosas while looking at the Grecian horizon in total awe and peace.

You get the picture. Linen is competitively breathable and airy, and modish to the max. Hot girls wear short linen sets, and that’s just a fact.


You probably haven't heard the word "chambray" as often as you have "cotton" or "linen." Still, it is just as welcome to our summer sorority cookout.

Chambray is most famously known as the lighter sister of denim. This material is slowly on the rise from its Old Navy grave and entering our trendy “must haves' ' chat through being so lightweight and comfortable.

That means you're making your aesthetic vacation TikToks without worrying about those terrible sweat stains.

Fabrics to Avoid During Summer

Just as there are summer yesss’s, there are hot summer no’s.


Polyester is perfect for those spring graduation pictures you’re posting on Instagram. Yet, polyester and summer are total enemies.

It’s a material that, when tested in heat, can become heavy and feel sticky against your skin. If you’re looking for a worry-free outfit while you’re out with your girls, this material is definitely a stay-away.


Nylon, nylon, nylon. You’ve probably heard this from Prada’s “Re-Nylon” initiative, where luxury brands recycle this material to add to their sustainable efforts. Though this fabric is popular amongst luxury brands, it’s not advised to rock this material if exposed to the summer sun for long periods.

The fabric will feel oppressive, and instead of enjoying your summer bucket list, all you will be thinking about is changing into a cool t-shirt.


Enters in: Rayon, the summer’s most controversial fabric. Rayon is a lightweight synthetic fabric with very thin fibers. Some claim that rayon is the ideal fabric for the summer, while others advise you to steer clear of it.

Here’s the real deal: in dry heat, rayon is good, but in humidity, rayon is not good. Rayon is moisture resistant, which is excellent for dry heat since you’re not fighting much moisture. Yet, humidity combined with sweat will create a sticky summer nightmare.


Our favorite part. We all love a good bikini (especially a flattering high-cut), but what are we wearing to Mr. Big’s get-together this weekend?

Summer outfit staples are coming up, and you will not have to worry about not being totally chic and trendy. You know us; that’s all we’re about.


Let’s start with the most effortless outfit combination you can throw on this season.

Matching sets have taken over the decade in the most fashionable way. Their stylish convenience makes them our number one staple for your summer wardrobe.

The wrinkled linen shorts set is a Pinterest favorite and undoubtedly one of our favorites.

Another cute set idea that’s inspiring our feeds is a vibrant button-down short set. And that pearly wave pattern pant set all the European vacays are perfect for (you know the one)? We’re in love with her too!

Maxi Skirt and Basic Tank

Total Emma Chamberlain vibes, and we’re here for it. We’re quoting her popular summer outfit trend to the tee because it’s, without a doubt, totally fabulous.

If you’re having outfit fatigue (which is so real), pull a maxi skirt, basic tank top, crew socks, and loafers and call it a fashion miracle.

Maxi skirts are so in season. The simple mini tank will give you a fashionable and proportional look ready for Rodeo drive.

Summer Dress

Okay, the summer dress. When we say summer dress, many different styles of dresses can fit the bill.

Whether a mini ruffle puff sleeve, maxi jersey bodycon, or a cut-out ruched midi, a dress is one of the simplest and easiest ways to look trendy this summer. It’s one piece to worry about instead of fretting about coordination and matching multiple pieces.

The key to the perfect summer dress is accessories. Pair your breezy look with a detailed clutch or oversized canvas tote. Don’t forget your tiny gold hoops and chain anklet. These little factors will take your outfit from cute to Pinterest-worthy in the blink of an eye.


Like we just said, accessories can turn your “that’s a cute dress” to “omg, she is an it girl” (total throwback Jason Derulo It Girl).

Here’s a list of our favorite summer accessories that will keep you the talk of your hometown.

  • Tiny Gold Hoops
  • Detailed Clutch
  • Aviator or Sport Style Sunglasses
  • Claw Clips
  • Waist Chains

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for a summer wedding?

Weddings are the perfect chance to show out during the summer. Yet, it can be hard to figure out what to wear to this important event. It depends on the formality requested by the couple. Still, flowy floor-length dresses are a crowd favorite as they give you fashion and movement in one. You need room for those feet once that open bar kicks in!

What to wear for summer hiking?

Calling all granola girls to the scene. Look stunning while you're out, putting those thighs to work. Cute gym sets are the way to go. A matching sports bra and shorts/leggings are not only going to keep you cool but will keep you Insta-ready your whole way up that mountain.

Should you wear jeans in summer?

It depends. If you’re not going to be outside for long periods, jeans are a yes, especially with a trendy top. Outside, though? Jeans are not going to be your best friend in the heat. It’s a heavy fabric, so we’d opt for jean shorts or chambray.

What to wear this summer?

Summer is all about comfort, lightweight, and style. This means your best outfits look like cotton button-up short sets, babydoll dresses, and Emma’s famous maxi skirt and essential tank blend. Fresh, clean girl aesthetic all the way.

What not to wear in summer?

Tight, constricting clothes are going to fight you all summer. Leave the long sleeves, bulky jeans, and fur to welcome Fall. To maximize summer comfort, try to minimize synthetic fabrics (you can find the fabric material on the tag inside the piece).