The Hottest Designers and Brands All Come To Miami Swim Week

Designers and brands worldwide, all come to Miami Swim Week to showcase their latest collections. Some have stood out among the crowd, and we will take a minute to recognize these designers for their show-stopping appearances. 

Fashion gurus all come to Swim Week for the same reason, they want to get an inside look at the newest trends in the swimwear industry. The energy, creativity, and amazing style found at Swim Week runway shows are some of the best nationwide. 

Below we will discuss some of the top designers who made a show-stopping appearance at Swim Week 2023. We will also give a list of designers who attended. This will allow you to see what designers you can expect if you are thinking about attending Miami Swim Week 2024. 

Ema Savahl

Ema Savahl has been dubbed the Queen of swimwear. The beauty behind this brand is Ema Koja and she is a very talented designer. The show began with a dreamy collection of swimwear. It had a Game of Thrones vibe with iridescent dragon scales and jaw-dropping lace lingerie. 

Miss Universe Albania, Cindy Marina, flaunted a breathtaking “Phoenix Rising” iridescent scaled suit accompanied by a chiffon cape that created flowy wings. Later in the show, Cindy wore a breathtaking flesh-tone bodysuit that was covered in black polka dots along with onyx gemstones. A top of her head she wore a 1950’s style floppy hat.

It’s no wonder Ema Savahl is known as the Queen of swimwear. Year after year, this designer manages to one-up her last year's collection and stun the audience with her breathtaking designs. 

Amarotto Swimwear

Amarotto Swimwear was up after Ema Savahl, but they kept the rhythm going with their made-to-measure swim collection. Amaretto presented their “Renacer” collection which made a huge fashion statement and brought trends to Swim Week that we didn’t even realize we needed. 

At the forefront of their collection were their macrame, fringe, and western-inspired boots. Amaretto continued trending the runways by embracing Barbie-core palettes including reds and pinks. However, it was the cream macrame bodysuit with fringe and cape shoulders that stole the show.  Who could forget the green mermaid-inspired net skirt adorned with a gold belt and chain? The crimson macrame bathing suit gave sensual vibes and had embellishment fringe that ran from shoulder to floor. 

Sandra Valencia is the face behind Amarotto’s beautiful swimwear designs. She provides a Latin Flair. Any woman would feel amazing sporting her designs on the beach or at a resort. She honestly provides the fashion world with wearable art. 

Paola Estefania

The Paola Estefania swimwear collection included glittery suits, goddess chiffons, and flowy cover-ups that had all the Miami vibes. Their collection was all about shimmer and dazzle mesmerizing the audience with each piece that hit the runway. The collection had a celestial feel and was creating trends for years to come. 

Paola Estefania’s rhinestone-studded suits stole the show. This show will forever be known for its elegance, grace, and fierce attitude. Onlookers were pleased with the way her designs were able to translate from the beach to nightlife to runway magic. 

Liberty & Justice

Liberty & Justice brought the heat to day 2 of Miami Swim Week. Their show was all about bringing their African-made resort and swimwear to the runway. The runway came to life with stunning colors and never-before designs, including above-the-elbow swim-ready gloves.

The swim gloves brought a bit of elegance to the scene, but it was the solid brightly colored capes and skirts that demanded attention from the audience. Sean Combs's (AKA Diddy) twin daughters, Jessie and D’Lila Combs, captivated the runway with the Liberty & Justice “Barbiecore” collection.  

You can find these exclusive pieces at a Target near you! Become a fashionista without the need to pay hundreds of dollars for the latest swimwear.

Humans x Sanxtuary

Humans the Brand joined forces with Sanxtuary to bring electrifying punk vibes from the late ’90s and early 2000s to Miami Swim Week runway shows. Their unique designs swept the stage providing a fearless atmosphere with edgy bodysuits and oversized carpenter pants. The crowd could feel the youthful energy being expelled on the stage. 

Their designs contained a rebellious spirit of punk rock with piercing details, swimtops embellished with faux nipple piercings, and more. They have a Los Angeles vibe and are hungry for success. We anticipate seeing a lot from this young brand. 

Brands That Attended Miami Swim Week 2023

  1. 209 Mare
  2. Agua Brazilian Swimwear
  3. A G U A M A L A S W I M
  4. Alta Costura
  5. Amarotto Swimwear
  6. Angela Horton
  7. Atalantia Swimwear
  8. Banana Moon
  10. Blue Topaz Swimwear
  11. Bádi Swimwear
  12. Cioccolato Couture
  13. Clara Aestas
  14. Cupshe
  15. Cyar
  16. Dalina Ford Swim
  17. Daydream
  18. DOB
  19. Ema Savahl
  20. Entreaguas
  21. FourFour
  22. Humans
  23. Jared Lang
  24. Jiselle X Kezia
  25. Julia Francina
  26. Kobu Swim
  27. Ladaska Michelle
  29. Liberty & Justice
  30. L M Swimwear
  31. Love For Upcycling
  32. Love V by Jatin Verma
  33. Maaji
  34. Maricel Marcantoni Art
  35. MASAMI
  36. M A X I N E AFFAIRS®
  37. Moda Minx
  38. Mono Collection
  39. Nalu Swim
  40. Nicole Miller
  41. Olivia London Swimwear
  42. ÖFUURË
  43. Paola Estefania
  45. Playa Sol
  46. Relleciga Swimwear
  47. Sazilé Swimwear
  48. Shore
  49. Sienna Swim
  50. Sisterly Swim
  51. South Beach
  52. Southern Saint
  53. Swana The Label
  54. Swim With Poppies
  55. The Sanxuary
  56. Tiare Hawaii
  57. Vasaro
  58. Viajecito
  59. Viosa Collection
  61. Yami Swimwear


If you are looking for the hottest swimwear and resort wear, Miami Swim Week is the place you want to be. Emerging talent and design veterans all come to be a part of this global event. We will have the latest information on Swim Week, so be sure to check back with us often.