From Bikinis to One-Pieces: The Top 10 Swimsuits of the Season

Time to gather your girls and hit the beach in your favorite swimsuit trends of 2022—soak up that natural tan you’ve been craving all year. Oh, and we can’t forget the fruity, frozen margaritas!

Let’s look at the Top 10 Swimwear trends of the season to be sure you’re strutting down the sandy runway in style.

Swimsuit Trends


We're no stranger to the trendy cutouts that have found their way into our everyday fashion. Beautifully showcased in Cult Gaia’s Resort 2023 show and Mugler’s Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear shows.

Yet, we’re seeing designers transform typical swimwear patterns into intricate, interesting pieces.

Think cutout bikinis, one-pieces swimsuits, tankinis, and cutout cover-ups. This summer presents a new, fantastical, sexy dream to your favorite swimwear.


Metallics, sequins, and shimmer; that’s what we want in the waves this summer. These eye-catching 80s-inspired fabrics have returned to the runway via brands like We11done and Balenciaga in their 2023 shows.

We’re head over heels for these metallic bikinis, sequin monokinis, and any shiny bikini sets!

Pink metallic bikinis and silver metallic one-pieces display the colors of the season, so as long as you’re reflecting, you’ve hit it out of the park!



In the past few seasons, we’ve seen an influx of designers embracing the princess sleeve, lace trimmings, and feminine details that can only be described as soft girl glam.

Swimwear designers are latching onto the ruffle theme—creating romantic, ultra-feminine ruffle monokinis, bandeaus, and bottoms you will fall in love with.

Imagine how many free drinks you'll score in that white ruffle bikini!

model in blue swimsuit with ruffles

4.Cross Halter Top

Young luxury brands have revealed how a proper cross halter top should be offered on the market.

Swimwear has followed suit and gotten in line with this fashionable style, creating bikinis worth a double-take.

The real question is whether to ring up that sexy under-wire criss-cross halter bikini or the luxurious cross wrap top. We think both! After all, summer is the season to treat yourself!

woman in green criss-cross halter bikiniwoman wearing purple cross wrap top swimsuit

5.Belted Swimwear

Last but definitely not least, we would like to introduce the latest trending look to glam up your summer bathing suit.

Belts are incorporated with the fashion standard of creating a defined waistline for all body types.

Belts are built into these trendy suits to create a sexy, sophisticated summer look that highlights your natural curves. So say hello to belted bikinis and one-pieces galore!

Hints of gold are the way to go with this trend, as there is something eye-catching about golden touches this season!

model wearing black and white two piece swimsuitwoman holding a puppy wearing checkered swimsuit

Swim Accessory Trends

6.Swimsuit Cover Ups

Say goodbye to the days of boring, unflattering cover-ups, and hello to edgy jaw-dropping summer wear.

We are totally head-over-heels for sexy candy-colored cover-ups, slimming crochet cover-up dresses, and statement-worthy open stitch cover-up sets.

Can we get a round of applause for the new and improved pool party attire?

model in runaway wearing pink swimsuit cover-upswoman in white mini dress see through

Bikini Jewelry

We’re on a sweeping wave of massive accessorization that doesn’t stop at swimwear alone. Long gone are the times you leave your necklaces home while indulging in a day at the beach.

Body chain jewelry, layered pendant necklaces, and beach-worthy stackable rings are totally in and amping up those Instagram likes.

Just think of it; sexy bathing suits plus big hoop earrings equals perfect beach attire.

woman in colorful outfit with jewelrieswoman in black swimsuit with necklacewoman hands with stone rings


Protecting your eyes this summer is a must, but who says safety can’t be in style? Sunglasses have invaded the accessory world, and for a good reason… they’re a fantastic addition to your already fashionable look.

Use bold, tinted shades that make a statement. There are endless options of styles and shapes for sunglasses this summer, but remember, the key is to turn heads with a cheeky statement piece. Anything less is so last season!

woman wearing silver sunglassesmodel in runaway wearing black and white swimsuit with sunglasses

8.Hair accessories

If we’re dancing the night away in our chic beach club attire, we’ll want to ensure our hair matches the vibe of our super trendy swimwear choices.

Hair bows, claw clips, and headbands are still on our 2022 watch list.

These practical and chic hair accessories have caught the attention of many fashion lovers this season. Be bold and partake in this super fun trend!

woman having black ribbon on hair model wearing red swimsuit and colorful hairdress


We cannot forget about scarves. Scarves are taking over the fashion industry at an insane rate right now, and summer is the perfect time to hop on this accessory bandwagon.

This summer fad converts conventional scarf use into trendy beach attire by matching bikinis and headscarves, scarf cover-ups, and bathing suit scarf wraps.

No longer are scarves accessories of the past, but rather an essential addition to your next sunny vacay!

model wearing colorful outfit with headscarfwoman in black bikini with red scarf in headperson wearing scarf wrap


10.The Tankini

Y2K has come at us swinging this year with a nostalgic trend that made many people nervous. The fashion world was unsure when this trend hit the runway; nevertheless, the tankini has proved everyone wrong.

Its surprising return is accompanied by a high-fashion twist that will make all those middle school worries fade away.

This throwback style has risen from the fashion graveyard with rich colors, luxurious patterns, and sexy cutouts. She’s treading lightly this year, but we will surely see more of her in the summers to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What swimsuit color is the most flattering?

Hands down, the most slimming and flattering color will always be black. Yet, if you’re looking for that trendy pop of color to stand out at your crush’s pool party, we got your back!

  • Neon Pink
  • Primary Blue
  • Marigold Yellow
  • Burnt Orange
  • Lime Green

What kind of swimsuit makes you look thinner?

Here’s a little secret: your waist is your best friend. Defined lines, belts, and details accentuating the waist complement any body type. These effects will draw your eyes in, creating the illusion of a smaller waistline that will make any Instagram baddie jealous.

Are swim dresses in style 2022?

According to the latest fashion shows, trend forecasting, and new collections, swim dresses are not on trend for Summer 2022. Leave the dresses for the day trips and be confident in those luxury bikinis, babe. You worked all year for this!

    What do I wear in Miami Beach?

    Planning to make a trip to the most fashionable beach town this summer? Ensure that you’re keeping up with the locals. Edgy cover-ups, sexy bikinis, and the latest accessories will have you conquering the Miami strip. Include a pair of statement sandals to add extra glam to your look!