Stay Chic and Cool: The Top Fashion Trends in Miami for 2023

Trends come straight from mini Latin American fashion hubs like Bogota, Tulum, and Rio Janerio. They manifest themselves into beautiful trends that fit Miami to the tee. Other influences keep Miami fashionable, like Parisian vacations and the Italian Riviera. That means these locals know what they’re doing regarding style.

Miami as a fashion kingdom really started to blossom during the 80s. Once huge designers made their home in Miami, like Versace, people began associating true style with this diverse and prosperous city. Now, you know Miami is an ideal destination to show off your true fashion powers, and you might be feeling the pressure of really showing up!

Whether you're looking to blend in with the locals or want to fit the Miami dress code, we have your back! We're here to help you understand the hottest trends sweeping Miami and the must-haves for anyone living in or visiting this tropically gorgeous city.

Bright Colors

Miami’s Art Deco background and creative spirit are behind this obsession with bold, rich colors. Artists of every taste have roots here, and the streets of Miami look like a tray of watercolors. The same applies to local clothing trends.

Miami is rocking the neon, primary color wave. Unless you’re a slayer of all things maximalist, which is a little more NYC than you might think, the real key here is incorporating these colors with other neutrals to give these bright colors their moment.

A great example is a hot pink bodysuit and cream linen pants. Throw on your braided mules and all gold accessories, and you’ve struck Miami local gold.

If the waves have you charmed and you’re feeling a little more bohemian, you can try to master this color showcase with a light patterned maxi dress or skirt set. To make it totally Miami, make sure these pieces are bold in color and match them with a fun flat sandal and a detailed straw clutch. People will approach you for directions since you are going to look so in and chic!

Maxi Dress

You may think of Miami and immediately picture super short bottoms with extra high heels and all things party and luxe. You’re not wrong, and we’ll give our short friends their moment, but the beautiful maxi dress is a staple brunch piece that no Miami native can live without.

It is hot in Southern Florida, but the glorious thing about this city, besides the free tan, is its location. Located so close to the water, the warm breeze flowing off the ocean gives you some solace from the heat and the perfect aesthetic for those effortless pictures you’ve been dying to take. Hot weather makes maxis dresses a favorite amongst locals, especially when treating yourself to bottomless mimosas and bottomless tea (if you know what I mean!).

These maxi dresses come in various styles, but a fashionable focus on breathability and lightness are essential factors these dresses must have to make the respected Miami team. Maxi dresses with a floral, tropical, or abstract pattern are all over the city’s weekend mornings. Cross-halter necks, strapless, and cutouts are the frosting on this delicious outfit!


Let me tell you something, let me tell you something, let me tell you something. Cutouts are everything right now; we didn’t even have to tell you that. Cutout dresses, cutout tops, cutout mini skirts. Cutouts are all over the fashion world and are definitely taking over the streets of Miami.

Miami fashion girlies are known to have at least two or three cutout pieces in their closet. Whether it's the maxi dress for established yacht parties or a cutout set for the club, this is a fashion must in this magical city. Not only will this keep you styled like a true Miami runner, but it will give you a little extra breathability in Florida’s hottest vicinity.

A fashion rule of thumb to remember when in Miami is to keep everything balanced. Not too much, not too little. NYC is the city of maximalism, while LA keeps everything clean and chill. Miami is the perfect balance of chic maximalism and minimalism. When you invest and style this trend, you want to keep proportions and symmetry in mind.

If you’re going to do a big puff cutout dress, do it with simple accessories and some flat sandals, and if you’re going to do a cutout top, keep it clean with the bottoms.

The Mini

Now, you have to remember that what Miami is and what people think it is can be very different. The super short does thrive here—when it constantly hits over three-digit heat, why would it not? But if you’re going for fashion, you want to make sure you look stylish for all events, not just the club.

The mini is a compelling piece and can be worn through a dress, a skirt, or even your tiniest shorts (we’ll let them slide). Our favorite is the mini dress, and the most popular trend mix to hit Miami streets is the mini and the cutout. Together, these two are modishly potent enough to create the perfect Miami outfit.

Miu Miu has also made sure that the miniskirt is poppin’ off our trend list with spirit. This mini design has captured the hearts of many Miami residents. It performs well in the heat and offers the chance to showcase the slim, muscular legs we've all been striving for!

The Romper

The romper has left its feminine floral skirt phase in its 2013 past and entered its Instagram baddie phase. This newly transformed romper fits perfectly in the Miami narrative of hot days, icy beverages, and unforgettable times.

Tight, bodycon rompers are the stars of running errands. They’re comfortable, light, and easy to maneuver in amongst the Miami hustle. Neutrals like gray, cream and beige are favorites for this look.

If you’re looking for a subtle splash of intrigue, a pastel impeccably frames fresh tanned skin. If you’re down to make your look more fascinating, see-through panel features provide an ultra-flattering OOTD and are super on-trend.

Shopping around the Design District for the day? Try a pleated two-tone loose romper to keep you looking the part. If Wynwood had a lasting impression, and you’re feeling the splash of creative dressing, be open to an abstract patterned romper! This pattern is very in and will make you feel like a walking piece of Wynwood art!

Bonus: Shoes

No matter where you go, shoes are essential to your outfit, but they are much more crucial in this scenario. These shoes will have your back in the trenches of this busy city and keep you looking sexy and effortless. These are Miami essentials!

The White Sneaker

This trend has a strong bond between Latin America and Miami. You can find the white sneaker throughout all Latin American hubs, and it is something that you need to wear and own in Miami.

The Miami hustle is real; people usually need to get around quickly in this busy town. Comfort during bustling days is an absolute must. This is where white sneakers come in.

White sneakers are the apex of comfort and style and go with everything. This trend transcends class or status, as the white sneaker is adored by the city's worker bees and the rich and famous. This trend, more than anything, is a true staple of the city and is essential. Do not walk the streets of Miami in your Yeezys.

The Mule

Again, Miami is so busy that people are obsessed with any convenience their clothes and accessories can offer. Mules are a chic shoe trend at the moment and can be slid on quickly at the last minute notice of a need to attend an event.

The chunky mule is all over our feeds and is a design you’d feel comfortable walking amongst locals on the bustling Brickell streets. This is another excellent opportunity to incorporate the bright, dramatic colors that Miami is renowned for into your outfit.

Instead of a black mule, try a neon pink or blue to get those compliments coming. If you’re into beating everyone to the punch, try a vivid purple mule!

Frequently Asked Questions

What clothes wear in Miami?

Miami is all fashion in a way you might not have thought. Floral maxi dresses, cutout designs, mini skirts, bodycon rompers, and bright, bold colors are some of this year's biggest Miami fashion trends. Don’t forget your high-cut bikinis and white sneakers!

What is fashion like in Miami?

Miami can get very hot, so finding a balance between style and practicality is essential Lots of dresses, mini skirts and dresses, cutouts, and backless options are resident favorites due to the breathability and lightness of the designs. Natural fabrics are also highly loved in the city.

    What do people wear going out in Miami?

    Unbeatable nightlife is a primary reason Miami is so loved worldwide. If you ask a Miami native, the best rule of thumb when going out is flattering and sexy short pieces like mini cutout dresses and trendy mini sets. Do not forget the hoops!

    Is Miami known for fashion?

    Yes! Over the past few decades, Miami has become a prominent figure in the fashion world. Miami and its tie to fashion are so unique that it can’t help but draw the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. It’s a fashion hub that has the power to showcase Spring/Summer fashion all year long!

      What is the ‘Miami Chic’ dress code?

      Miami chic is another way to say ‘semi-formal’ with a fashionable twist. The goal is to look like you’re going to a fancy restaurant as a fashion influencer. No jeans, no sneakers, and definitely no casual accessories like baseball caps. Go all out, please!