Find Your Perfect Pair: The Latest Women's Shoe Trends for 2023

Shoes. Shoes can make your outfit. Nina Garcia, Editor of Elle and Project Runway legend, swears by having limited clothing pieces and a massive shoe closet.

The proper shoe can turn a summer dress from a trendy tourist in the Parisian heat vibe to a sexy socialite on Ocean Drive. Do not underestimate the power of the shoe. They can put on shows with shoelaces and straps and are your biggest supporters in comfort and style.

Recent seasons have showcased innovative designs and fantastical features, making shoes even more enthralling to fashion lovers.

The shoe trends have been begging for the spotlight, and today we’re giving it to them. Let’s talk about the best shoes of the year and how they’ve stolen our hearts one heel at a time.

Platform Heels

Taking this year’s hottest shoe slot is the famous platform heel. The platform heel is associated with ethereal sexiness and retro edginess—the type that has all the girlies commenting the sacred “omg, where’d you get the shoes from” for hours.

The platform heel comes in many forms: preppy mary janes, summery flip-flops, and power patterned pumps. Though they may come in different shapes and colors, they all share the ultimate feature of elevated comfort, something the stiletto has been dying to reach for decades.

Here’s a fun fact for your next bottomless brunch! Platforms date back to ancient Egypt and have spanned history books throughout the eras.

At one point, platform heels were used to distinguish between the wealthy and poor. The higher your heels, the richer you were. Baddie with the highest heels pays for brunch!

Slouchy Boot

blue slouchy boots

Balenciaga is an excellent example of a couture brand that has taken the slouchy boot to new heights. This flashy style is all over the runways and is an easy way to church up an outfit this fall. The slouchy boot is a head-turning, double-take-worthy accessory.

The key to this delectable trend is the distinctive folds and how flattering this baggy boot looks on anyone’s legs. The oversized feel can give your outfit proportion and balance when sporting bold patterns or a luxurious fur coat.

The unique feature of the slouchy boot is the variety of heights the trend is offering. We’re seeing thigh-high to ankle and everything in-between, and we’re especially living for a slouchy western-style boot. Those are for sure getting you free lattes from your barista this fall.

Knee-High Boots

knee-high black boots

In contrast to the slouchy boot, which is all about texture, the knee-high boot is all about height. Knee-highs can exhibit sexy snakeskin, rich leather, or flaunt a striking pattern. But to join this fantasy boot’s squad, it must hit right below your kneecap.

Knee-high boots made their first debut as riding boots for men, then snuck into later centuries as efficient footwear for military, sport, and royalty.

They were comfortable, stylish, and protected the wearer’s calves. It’s no wonder why Debbie Harry (iconic Blondie punk singer) and the rest of the ’70s picked up the knee-high boot with such creative admiration.

The knee-high boot made a massive splash in the ’00s through Paris Hilton-esque outfits. With an intervened reintroduction of the 70s through runway and Y2K in streetwear, knee-high boots are a must for your most fashionable season yet.


colorful sneakers

Our most comfortable, modish shoe on this list, the sneaker is essential to a hot girl’s wardrobe.

It is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, whether you are a maximalist, minimalist, or anywhere in between!
Sidenote: no, your torn-up, smelly gym pair doesn’t count.

Just like boots are a powerful way to up the dress code, sneakers are a fantastic way to bring casual back into the picture. Whether it’s a classic canvas high-top or a chunky laceless platform, these shoes are the epitome of comfort and style coming together as one.

Traveling tip: if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, there is no doubt that sneakers are the best addition to your packing list. Sneakers are welcome in every city, and here’s a little bonus for your U.S fashion city hubs.

  • New York City: Maximalist sneaker. Think color, texture, WOW factor.
  • LA: Sport-style sneaker. Foam, platform, very Yeezy.
  • Miami: White sneaker. Any style, just that they’re white as white can be.

P.S. If traveling in Europe (depending on your packed capsule’s palette), a simpler sneaker like Miami’s white or a tiny taste of New York’s color, will be perfect for blending into European fashion.

Ballet Flat

ballet flat shoes

Leave it to the brands like Rodarte and Miu Miu to implement impactful nostalgia into their recent collections. You may know the ballet flat as your 5th-grade violin concert go-to shoe, but it is now an incredibly modish piece in your closet.

We love the trendy twist on this classic shoe, as the lace-up ribbon is a massive design feature that modernized this trend.

Try a ballet flat with a pleated skirt for an ultra-feminine look fit for #balletcore, or throw on a pair of ripped jeans for an impeccable display of juxtaposition.

Whatever you choose to match this dreamy shoe with, be sure to have your tripod or a trained friend with you. You’re definitely going to want to post this look.


colorful strappy sandal with cone-shaped heels

This is where the 90s come into play. Minimalistic sensual designs that are flattering and feminine are all over shoe racks.

Thin straps that lace up, tie around, and emphasize the subtle beauty of your feet are something your wardrobe craves for these upcoming seasons.

Strappy shoes are a fashion staple that dates back to ancient times. This look has transformed through the ages to bring us to where we are today; still in love with strappy shoes.

Straps have a magnificent amount of sex appeal and are a great way to add flair to an outfit without looking cheap. An approved shoe for a classy birthday dinner or that wedding with the cute best man. Either way, a strappy heel is perfect for making a statement.


cyan platform mule in sequins

We’ve seen icons like Kaia Gerber and Selena Gomez rock mules in popular streetwear looks, a trend many designers and stylists have fallen in love with. This style is a heel without a backing, making it one of the simplest shoes in your closet.

Mules come in various patterns, but the trendiest we’ve seen are pointed-toe kitten and square-top mules. They’re an excellent base for designers to indulge in, as they take this basic design and turn it into unique pieces you’ll want to wear daily.

It’s funny that mules used to be known as indoor and/or bedroom shoes for aristocrats and now are a modern staple in your 2022 wardrobe. It’s proof that the fashion world is circular, and we’re all along for the creative ride.


green glass wedge slide sandals

Remember when we said Y2K has reintroduced itself to us? Wedges are a part of this story. Along with platforms, wedges are known to be one of the most comfortable pairs of heels, if not the most comfortable.

You have the support and extra height of a traditional heel but can take advantage of longer wear time because of the comfort.

Wedges are being integrated with many current trends on our list, and we’re seeing many wedged mules and strappy heels.

This is an exemplary take on how designers take singular trends and inspirations and turn them into something unique.

Here are different ways to wear your favorite wedges all year round.

  • Summer: Wedge cork or espadrilles mule for margaritas with your sisters, especially after a long semester!
  • Autumn: Wedge platform sneakers for your internship in the city! No ‘10s wedged DNKY sneakers, wedge platform sneakers. The key word is “platform.”
  • Winter: Tall wedged boots for your winter getaway with family, the one where they keep asking when you’re going to bring someone home (more wine, please).
  • Spring: Floral pattern wedges for that get-together that finally made it out of the group chat. Go you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes will be popular in 2022?

Platforms have stolen our hearts this year, with equal applauds for mules, knee-high boots, and ballet flats. Shoes are becoming the star of the show, and with these trends, we’re sure to give them the spotlight they deserve.

Are chunky shoes in style 2022?

By all accords, the answer is a resounding yes! Chunky shoes are another way to say platform, and platform is all the rage. The range of different designs of platforms is growing, as we excitedly see new shapes of platforms every day!

Are high-top sneakers in style 2022?

Sneakers are eternally in style. High-top sneakers, in particular, have made their way from your typical high school Converse lover to the high-fashion sidewalks of Manhattan. It’s safe to say they’re totally in style this year.

What color sneakers are in style 2022?

Just like clothes, accessory designers are inspired by the color of the year. In 2022, the Veri Peri (a soft periwinkle) stole the spotlight as this year's trendiest color. We’re also seeing (and loving) a lot of vivid green and vibrant pink sneaker designs.

Are flats in style 2022?

All lovers of ballet core say it with me: yes! Flats are here and here to stay. If you’re like us, we can hear that mom voice from a few years ago warning us against throwing out those violin concert flats. We can let her be right about one thing (but only that one thing!).