Tulum Fashion Guide: Trendy Outfits for Your Next Beachside Getaway

Where do you ask, is this splendor of an oasis, this small piece of heaven? A little north of Cancun, Mexico, lies the charming destination of Tulum. Tulum has skyrocketed over the past decade as one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Its serene beaches, captivating landscapes, exciting adventures, fresh food, and rich culture make Tulum a bohemian dream people just can’t wait to visit.

With a peak in tourism comes the masses, and with the masses comes fashion. Today, we’re breaking down exactly how your modern wardrobe fits in with the crisp breezes and dancing palm trees.

Tulum is a red pin on a fashion lover’s map of go-to’s. Yet, not just because it's summer all the time and nothing fits Tulum more than those flow-tiered dresses. Tulum differs from other beach towns like Cancun or Mykonos. It has a strong boho vibe that contrasts with your bodycon mini dress.

Everything here is about lightness, breathability, and upholding the natural. Mexico has a substantial cultural connection to the land, and the people are saints to the natural resources that the earth provides. This greatly influences fashion in this adorable town. So we want to ensure that you’re both respecting the city's ambiance and looking fashionable the whole time!


Nothing screams natural beauty and chill than linen. Linen is a sustainably durable fabric that is derived from flax fibers.

This material is incredibly light and considered the quickest to absorb moisture. It is also notably a naturally “wrinkled” material, which is perfect for throwing into a carry-on and for continual use on your trip without worrying about those little creases. They’re just part of the look!

Sets are the best thing since platform pumps, and a linen set is an all-encompassed vacation look you can’t beat. Beige linen pants and shorts are also popular Tulum picks that locals and tourists include in their wardrobes. Linen tops with billowing silhouettes and balloon sleeves are also widely admired and accepted for those Instagram pictures on those huge Tulum swings.

If you’re going for an all linen look, try a floppy straw woven hat to compliment your outfit by adding some contrast. For jewelry, stick with warm tones and simple cuts to allow the vibe of the fabrics to speak tranquility all over your much-needed vacation.

Summer Dress

This is where your movie moment starts—the wavy hair, the glowing skin, and the flowing dress that dances in the wind. The straight maxi isn’t gone; it just isn’t as popular as your tiered or loose pleated maxi in Tulum. It’s all about those boho film pictures on these beaches.

Summer dresses come in various styles, but what works best when sporting Tulum auras? Cutout dresses, especially at the waist, are scenically trendy against those idyllic sunsets you can’t find at home. Ties and bows are other feminine trends that fit impeccably with the romantic culture around Tulum.

Cross halter tops, strapless, and off-the-shoulder necklines marry all things bohemian and modern to create your favorite Tulum-ready dress. The best feature about these dresses? A-line or empire waist silhouette defines your body beautifully and hides that after-dessert food baby!


While crochet and fishnet are taking breaks in countries getting cooler, they are all the rage in these eternal summer beach towns! They’re acceptable at all times and are a Tulum staple you must bring while traveling there.

This style can be most popularly found on your preferred coverup, having the ability to take you from a day at the beach to drinks at a club with one swift piece. These designs tend to showcase bodycon silhouettes to flatter the wearer better. Due to the loose nature of the cuts, the tighter it is to your body, the better you’ll look!

These features can also be manipulated into a chic pair of statement pants and colorful tops to create interesting outfits that fit the go-with-the-flow nature of Tulum. Designers have also found a way to incorporate these designs into ultra-trendy accessories that make ideal companions to these sexy outfits.


Going to see the ancient pyramid ruins for the day, or zooming through the tropics via zipline? Whatever excursions you’ve decided on, you want to ensure you’re not only Insta-worthy but comfortable. You don’t want to be pulling at your clothes while trying to flirt with the cute tour guide!

This is where the famous set steps in to take its crown. As we’ve said before, like the cutouts, sets are slaying the runways, and our closets and vacations are no different.

We’ve already suggested a linen set for this modern hippie spot, but why not try classic cotton to keep it light? If you’re thinking of something a little more formal, opt for a silk skirt set for a breathable and romantic look!

Neutral Colors

Now, don’t get me wrong, colors are welcome here. It’s a choice scene for all types of artists, and they will welcome your colors. Nevertheless, neutrals and richer tones of colors fit the Tulum atmosphere better than a Miami neon.

This being said, let’s talk about neutrals first. Black, white, browns, greys, and creams are all examples of colors that thrive in this environment's color theory. These “canvas” shades allow the tropical opulence around you to shine. It’s a ticket of respect to the beauty of the surrounding nature, which the native culture holds dear.

When we say richer colors, we mean earth tones in their deep tones—luxurious natural hues found in the beautifully raw land. Examples of these colors are sea blue, marigold yellow, and hibiscus red. These are also crazy flattering on freshly tanned skin!


Fringe, like crochet and fishnet, is frequently linked with beach towns, and it’s a design feature that pops up a lot when you’re googling vacation outfits. In Tulum especially, it’s a design with roots in Mexican culture that dates back to the Maya. So if you’re a fashion history enthusiast, this might be the perfect look for you!
This style is also a staple bohemian fashion that blends in with the town vibes. Our favorites are the fringe dresses that give you the trend and breathability any beach go-er will need. These are also absolute fire on skirts and coordinating tops.

Clutches, backpacks, and totes are all handbag styles that include a fringe most dreamily. If you’re new to fringe and need a gateway piece to try out the trend, incredibly detailed handbags sporting fringe are an amazingly fashionable way to test the waters.

PSSS… What about Accessories?


Mules are the chill version of your city’s favorite heel. They’re easy, comfortable, fashionable: everything Tulum stands for. These shoes are perfect for slipping on when you’re headed to a well-deserved dinner after snorkeling all day. You don’t have to think about them; you just know they automatically add style and class to whatever you're wearing!

For a more vacation-friendly shoe, try a chunkier heeled mule. You never know when a sexy stranger will pull you to the dancefloor to dance all night!

Straw Bags/Hats

Straw Bags and hats used to be accessories you would see in movies with wealthy actresses playing the antagonist. Now, we’re taking back this affluent feature and making it our own!

Straw clutches are so vacation vibes. They’re ready-to-wear neutral accessories that can be paired with any outfit to create your top-liked Instagram pic. Wide-brimmed straw hats are also incredibly modish and chic and are quintessential for pulling together a seamless beach day look!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the style in Tulum?

Tulum is a beach town known for its bohemian vibrance. This means matching sets, flowy dresses, comfy rompers, natural fabrics, and neutral and earth tones. Tulum has more ambiance than other beach towns. Think comfortable, cute, and light, and you’ll pull together the perfect Tulum look.

Is there a dress code in Tulum?

You'll be at the beach and traveling on excursions throughout the day, so everything goes as long as the sun shines. Swimsuits, coverups, whatever! At night, everyone freshens up and throws on more formal attire for dinner (think a flowy maxi dress with mules)!

What should I wear on the Tulum day trip?

For day trips to or around Tulum, opt for something casual but cute. Rompers, shorts sets, dresses, all paired with a comfortable pair of sandals or white sneakers. Don’t forget your accessories! A claw clip and a mini leather backpack are musts.

What do you wear to a Tulum beach party?

Parties on the beach are loved and expected. Be ready with short floral dresses or crochet sets to set the tone for a fashionably good time! Don’t worry about your mules here; just stick to cute slides, show off that pedicure, and enjoy your toes in the sand!

Do people wear jeans in Tulum?

Tulum is eternal summer, so if you’re going to go for jeans, go for jean shorts instead. Jean shorts are a solid choice for more active and adventurous excursions. Leave the bulky denim for the fall back home and enjoy the splendid weather!