Vasaro Sets Standards at 2023 Miami Swim Week

Stepping onto the runway for the first time at 2023  Miami Swim Week, was Vasaro, a cutting edge brand that not only has some of the finest swimwear, but also newly patented bikini pieces.

Vasaro’s Deep-V Bikini Bottom

Yes, that’s right — patented designs. Before showcasing his swimwear, Vasaro designer, Armani Sadeghi patented his Deep-V back bikini bottoms. The design is not only high waisted, it rests on the hips to cinch the waistline a near two inches. 

2023 Miami Swim Week

Myranda Bikini in Pink

Luxe Satin Pink Deep-V Bikini Bottoms with High-Cut Thong & O-Rings and a Bandeau Top with Self-Ties & O-Ring Embellishments

2023 Miami Swim Week

Vasaro Models wearing the Deep-V Back Bikini Bottom at 2023 Miami Swim Week 

And if you’ve ever dealt with bikini bottoms that just don’t fit right, well, Vasaro’s Deep-V back bikini bottom is designed to not bunch in the back when you sit and stand up. The fabric of the bottoms rest exquisitely with the wearer in mind.

Vasaro’s Curve-Illusion Monokini 

The Deep-V bikini bottoms weren’t the only piece that stole the Vasaro show. Their premium spiraling high-cut monokini has a curve illusion like no other. It’s sexy, it’s new, and it’s necessary. 

2023 Miami Swim Week Vasaro

Ellie Monokini in Black

Premium High-Cut Curve Illusion Snake Mesh One-Shoulder Monokini

2023 Miami Swim Week Vasaro
Vasaro Model wearing the Ellie Monokini at 2023 Miami Swim Week

Detachable Wraparound Straps

Vasaro designer Armani Sadeghi continued with his innovation by also creating a monogram printed bikini with wraparound midriff straps. What’s interesting is how the straps can be pulled off of the swimsuit in order to refrain from getting tan lines. Trendy and ingenious!

2023 Miami Swim Week Vasaro

Angie Luxe Bikini

Signature Monogram High-Cut Lifting Deep V Back Micro Bikini Bottom Thong with O-Rings and Bikini Top with Detachable Wraparound Straps

2023 Miami Swim Week Vasaro

Vasaro Models wearing the Angie Luxe Bikini at 2023 Miami Swim Week

Not only did Vasaro bring innovative designs to Miami runways, they redefined what it means to accentuate the curve of a woman, as designer Armani Sadeghi carefully designed his swimwear collection to bring illusion and comfort to wearers.