Cold Shoulders are Trendy at Milan Fashion Week

So far this month, we have had a chance to analyze trends from New York Fashion Week and London Fashion week, and this article will be no different. With Milan Fashion Week coming to a close, we now get to look at the trends we saw on the runways.

The trends that we see at major fashion events often bleed into streetwear fashion, so looking at what the models are wearing at these events will give us an idea of what may become popular in the next few months.

So What is a ‘Cold Shoulder’

Since the phrase may not be self-explanatory, let's look at what a cold shoulder is before diving in to see what was on the runways.

A cold shoulder top is a top that has relatively average construction. Still, the fabric is cut away at the top of the shoulders.

The sleeves and neckline remain on the top, but the wearer's shoulders are exposed.

Fendi’s Cold Shoulder Vests

Model in cream cold shoulders suit vest with pleated skirt worn over loose-fitted trousersModel in gray cold shoulders suit vest with pleated skirt worn over loose-fitted trousers

Fendi sent a cold shoulder vest look out onto the runway this week. The look went onto the carpet in two colors, but the outfit was identical.

The models each wore a loose-fitted top reminiscent of a suit vest. They, of course, had cold shoulders, and the sleeves of their look were slightly flared out.

It is important to note that the sleeves may have been attached to the sides of the blazer-style top, as neither model seemed able to move her arms past a certain point. We don't know if attaching our sleeves to our torsos will come into style, but we appreciate the unique look.

The look was paired with a pleated skirt worn over loose-fitted trousers. Each of the models also carried a matching bag on the runway. 

Vivetta’s Cold Shoulder Frilly Dresses

Model in black and white loose-fitting victorian essence, with cold shoulder cut puffy sleevesModel in buttoned white loose-fitting puffy sleeves and frilly accents with cold shoulder cut

Vivetta sent some models onto the runway in dresses with a similar cold shoulder cut. Both dresses they sent out were loose-fitting with a victorian essence, featuring puffy sleeves and frilly accents. 

Both dresses had panels of lacy fabric below the cold shoulders to draw attention to the detail. They also had a row of buttons on the dress's front. One of the dresses was made of velvet material, and the other with a lighter fabric and a ruffle of fabric at the bottom.

Del Core’s Cold Shoulder Looks

Model in all-black look with a plunging neckline, leg slit, and cold shoulder cutModel wearing patterned dress with unique leg cutouts on the upper thigh

Model in all-black top and bottom co-ord set with cold shoulders

Del Core also sent some of their models out in looks that featured a cold shoulder. Our favorite was a model sent out in an all-black look with a plunging neckline, leg slit, and cold shoulder cut.

They also sent out a patterned dress with unique leg cutouts on the upper thigh and an all-black top and bottom co-ord set with cold shoulders. Like Vivetta, all the looks sent out had a ruffle of fabric under the sleeves that accentuated the cold shoulder.

What We Thought

Model wearing cold shoulder cut black on top and colorful patterned below dress

We love the cold shoulder look! It's a great way to spice up your look and show some skin without sacrificing the warmth and utility that sleeves provide. Of course, some of the looks on the runways are slightly extreme, but many more models were sent out in more wearable cold shoulder looks as well. 

We look forward to the cold shoulder look coming into style this year!