Jamie Lee Curtis Stuns at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards

Jamie Lee Curtis is an actress who is well known for her roles in Halloween, Freaky Friday, and the like took to the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards on January 10th, looking absolutely stunning.

The actress was at the awards show due to her nomination as a Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. Curtis did not take home the award, but she did get the chance to wow everyone with a stunning outfit.

Jamie Lee Curtis Stuns at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards

The Look

Jamie Lee took to the carpet in an all-black ensemble composed of a strapless Valentino jumpsuit and a floor-length lace cape. 

Jamie Lee Curtis at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards

The cape, of course, stole the show.

Jamie Lee was photographed flaunting the cape and holding it out for all to see, proving just how much she enjoyed her outfit for the event.

Hair, Makeup, and Accessories

Jamie Lee wore her hair in its signature, slightly tousled look. She and her team chose to keep her makeup simple, opting for a bronze eyeshadow that made her eyes pop while keeping everything else somewhat muted. For her shoes, she wore a pair of black, close-toed heels.

She wore two wide silver bracelets and a pair of earrings from Cathy Waterman to complete the look.

Jamie Lee Curtis close up at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards