Fashionista Tips: Catch Up With the Hottest Trends In Womens' Leggings This Year

Remember the early 2010s when leggings had us hooked in the most cheugy way? Don't worry; the days of black Forever 21 leggings under a skater dress and an infinity scarf are behind us. No way we're bringing thick sharpie eyebrows either!

Yet, we can't throw out leggings like they're not the most comfortable bottoms ever. Instead, designers have modernized this trustworthy garment, so you don't have to leave this cozy piece behind. Now, leggings can be all the things you want them to be: sexy, comfortable, edgy, flexible, and stylish.

In their wide variety, leggings can be accepted in many dress codes and events you never thought would fit in. They can go with you to the gym, work, and parties and are always welcome for a chill day, watching movies and doing face masks.

While the love for leggings stays the same, the designs we find them in are diverse and chic in their own way. We're here to share with you the best leggings for women this year to keep you looking like you're about to hit the runway in Milan but feel like you're making yourself some cereal at home.

The Evolution of Women’s Leggings

It can make you wonder, have leggings always been so popular? In 1959 Chemist Joseph Shivers changed fashion history with his invention of lycra (aka spandex), the thin, stretchy fabric we commonly know as the material leggings are made of.

In the 60s, comfort became a massive consideration as women made fashion decisions, especially as they left the rigidness of 50s fashion in the past. Women became obsessed with the moveable material, and once the 70s hit, leggings were a full-blown trend. Following that, leggings were a must-have item in every girl's closet.

High-Waist Legging

While the runways are getting us ready to make the switch over to low-waist jeans and pants, high-waisted leggings are not going anywhere. This legging trend is ultra-flattering for everyday wear and consistently keeps you slim and tight with its high-waisted style. These are classic for intense workouts, your next hot yoga class, or a run to Trader Joe's.

These full-length leggings are sure to become your go-to pair. The high waistband and high-stretch materials are ideal for all body types. Invest in a good pair of moisture-wicking leggings to look fabulous and snatched during those sweaty workouts!

How to Style High-Waisted Leggings

Try this legging with a sports bra, a basic crop top, and a puffer vest. Pair this casually stylish look with some platform sneakers for an effortless OOTD!

Also, put a cross-high waist on your shopping list, as this style is spreading over the high-waist leggings trend like wildfire. They're totally hot!

woman in high-waist black legging

Stirrup Legging

Looking for something a little more elegant, something you could potentially wear for long days at the office or to Friday night drinks? Stirrup leggings are the answers to your fashion prayers! These leggings have a stirrup on the feet that add a classy detail to this otherwise mundane style.

How to Wear Stirrup Leggings

These look incredibly vintage with a pump and even better paired with a button-up and an oversized blazer. They’re available in all your favorite colors, but we love these leggings in their classic neutrals. They’re an unbearably gorgeous piece that will give you influencer vibes the moment you slip them on.

Split Hem Legging

Not crazy about the stirrup legging trends, but still looking for a pair of higher-end leggings acceptable for that bar downtown with deliciously overpriced cocktails? Here enter the split hem leggings. This legging is simple yet basic, with a split at the hem on top of your foot. Not only is this legging fashionable, but it’s flattering.

The split at the top of your foot creates an illusion of longer legs, which makes you look ‌slimmer and taller: the model body you’ve always wanted. The split can also appear on the side of the bottom hem, but it holds the same lengthening power as a split on the front!

Neutral Colored Legging

We love the eruption of color that's happening all over the runway. Still, the trend in leggings is keeping them natural and cool. Blacks, grays, whites, and tans are all neutrals that will give you the versatility to create multiple looks with them.

A Great Pair for Everyday Wear 

These leggings will be able to take you from day to night with a simple change of tops. Rock the classic black leggings with an oversized tee or a boxy jacket, and always remember to accessorize with these amazingly versatile colors!

Ruched Legging

Nothing helps that booty pop more than the perfect, buttery soft workout legging, and the Ruched legging is precisely that. These seamless leggings have a design that showcases a Ruched feature at the top of the tailbone that pulls the fabric in the most flattering way, giving you a pure bubble butt.

These soft leggings fit your body in the perfect way to accentuate your curves while running errands, and most have moisture-wicking properties, too, making them the ideal pair of workout leggings. If pumping your glutes is your main pull, you will be pleasantly surprised with your first pair of ruched leggings.

They offer the Ruched design in different lengths, as well. You can opt for leggings with ruching down the entire middle seam, to the center of the middle seam, or from your back to the top of your tailbone. The world is your oyster!

Short Legging

We commonly know this as the biker short. Still, in layman's terms, it is just a shorter version of a traditionally long legging. These leggings are the perfect length if you live in warm weather or you're having an active day.

How to Rock the Short Legging Trend

Pair this short legging trend with a matching crop top or sports bra, and then throw on a vest, blazer, or jacket for an effortless look to keep all the other girls wondering where you got your outfit!

Leather Legging

Leather is a huge trend for this upcoming season, and all your favorite garments are being designed and built of this chic fabric.

This includes your favorite pair of leggings! Leather leggings are a great way to stay comfortable, warm, and stylish, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Plus, you never have to worry about see-through fabric!

These super durable leggings fit like a second skin that showcases those quads you've endured countless high-impact workouts for.

The Best Leggings for All-Day Wear

Wearing these leggings with a stellar boot and a printed blouse creates a look suitable for New York Fashion Week.

Ribbed Legging

Crochet, fishnet, and general knit are totally in right now. Okay, so what's the legging equivalent of this popular knit to fit in this trend category? Ribbed is the answer. Ribbed leggings are the toast of all things knit and are top of our must-wear list!

This trend features a soft, high-quality, high-stretch fabric that can be worn anywhere, from a pilates class to those long-haul flights for your next getaway to Ibiza.

How to Style a Ribbed Pair of leggings

Ribbed leggings are even cuter when they come in matching sets with coordinating tops, so be sure to be on the lookout for those this year. These leggings also have the powerful ability to be paired with multiple styles of shoes, including heels, boots, and your favorite sneaker!

Jumpsuit Legging

Leggings are a well-loved bottom piece, and now this piece has been reimagined to be a full-piece jumpsuit. These one-piece suits are everything you love about leggings and more. They're comfortable, flattering, and more than anything, they're ready to go with you wherever you need them to!

How to Style the Jumpsuit Legging Trend

The backless trend is the most popular and beautiful to pair with this fashion. The yoga catsuit, as it's also called, is totally Insta-worthy. Throw a suit jacket over with sneakers and crew socks. Shoulder a classic Chanel flap bag and a baseball cap on top of a sleek ponytail, all shining with tiny gold hoops and a gold rhinestone watch. This is going to be your 'It Girl' fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best leggings 2022?

The best leggings of 2022 are high-waisted leggings, split hem leggings, stirrup leggings, leather leggings, and ruched leggings. Pro tip: Leggings are becoming popular for pairing with more ‘formal’ attire like blazers this year, so give this a try!

Are leggings still in style for 2022?

Yes! Leggings are still in style for this year and are projected to continue to thrive in the next seasons. Leggings like split hem leggings, short leggings, and jumpsuit leggings are modern renditions of the classic legging. Try these to keep yourself fresh on the trend front!

What leggings are most popular?

The most popular leggings of this year are booty-lifting leggings, leather leggings, short leggings, stirrup leggings, and high-waisted leggings. This variety is meant to keep your legging supply fashionable and ready for any event with you comfortable and stylish!

How do you wear 2022 leggings?

Answer: Try a monochromatic look to appear as trendy, sleek, and fashionable as possible. If you're looking for something more elegant, wear an oversized blazer or duster to add some drama to your look. If you seek comfort, you can never go wrong with a matching cropped sweater!

Which leggings are most flattering?

Answer: The most flattering leggings are booty-lifting leggings. A good example of these is ruched leggings. High-waisted lettings are also a great way to showcase your glutes. Contoured leggings are another way to flatter that bubble butt you've earned!

Are flare leggings in style 2023?

Answer: The high-waisted flare bottom leggings are taking over the fashion world in 2023. Flare leggings can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for your next yoga class or self-care night.