Discover the Secret to a Flattering Fit with Our Top 11 Booty Lifting Pants

Ruched Bottoms

This is our favorite and the top contender for this list. The ruched trend stems from a few seasons ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s off our minds. Ruching made its way again into our go-to pants.

This comfy and stylish garment can sport flattering detailing as fabulously on the club dancefloor as it can after a good workout. This ruching is best set at your lower back or bottom of the leggings waistline down the middle seam to amplify those curves. Another popular ruching starts at the top of the cheeks and goes down the center seam, almost appearing as a different shape on the pants. Whatever way the ruching appears on your favorite butt lifting leggings, yoga pants, or flare bottoms, they'll undoubtedly become a staple in your wardrobe!

White Bottoms

Color theory is a foundational basis all designers, stylists, and other fashion professionals must understand. The good news is that it is much simpler to implement into your daily styling than it sounds. One of the most imperative concepts in this topic is that lighter colors will make something appear bigger while darker colors will minimize the same image.

At the most fundamental level, white equals big, and black equals small. So the reason why we love our little black dresses is the exact reason why we love our white yoga pants. White bottoms will give the illusion of a more prominent rear just by using this color theory!

Contoured Leggings

Much like the ruched legging, the contoured leggings are the best butt lifting leggings to highlight all the work you’ve been putting in at the gym. You’ll mainly find this style in seamless leggings, as this fashion is constructed of tighter and stretchy fabrics with a mix of lighter and darker hues to create the effect of a rounder, bubbly booty. 

The contour of darker color around the cheek, below, and above will carve out the booty to allow the lighter fabric to give the illusion of an instant lift. Think of it like this: the same thing you’re doing to your cheekbones and jaw with contour and bronzer is the same exact thing these butt lifting leggings are doing to your booty. Color theory is in the works again! The only difference is that this contour is completely squat proof! 

Leather Pants

Leather pants are not only seriously on trend now but a major player in the booty lifting business. Fitted leather has always been known to be butt favoring pant, so we’re lucky that these bottoms are hot and ready to work for us for this upcoming chilly season!

These pants can come in a skinny, flare, or even straight-leg cut. The key to these pants is ensuring that they are fitted around your hips and gently hugging the booty no matter what type of bottom they have. Just as flattering leather pants can be, if they don’t fit around your backside, they can be very unforgiving. Take the extra time to ensure that they fit perfectly on your booty so these pants can do all the work in showcasing it for you!

Flare Bottoms

Flare, bootcut, big 70’s pants, whatever you might call them, are becoming a fabulous and easy way to pump up that bubble butt this season. Remember how we said there are foundational concepts that all fashion industry professionals must understand? Balance is another one of these topics that are important to implement in their work. 

Flare bottoms are the perfect fit to balance out a chunky sweater or printed top when styling an outfit. They’re also amazing for giving that butt the limelight it deserves! The heftiness of the bottom of the pant will give the illusion of something bigger on top, which we all know is that booty!

Textured Pants

You may be familiar with the popular TikTok leggings— the textured ones famous for giving your booty all the lift you've been yearning for. They’ve been spotted on micro-influencers and celebrities alike. They are expanding beyond their box of leggings into more creative forms.

Textured pants are making their way onto runways in seriously fashionable ways. We’ve never seen so many bubble butts look the part. Whether they’re parachute pants, conservative leggings, or trendy trousers, the texture is an eye-appealing detail that will draw any eye in. It has the same effect as the color white and prints, where its ability to appeal to the eye will only do miracles for your backside!

Cut Out Pants

We know what you must be thinking… How can cut out pants pump up my booty? There are so many types of different cutouts that are so flattering to your behind! There is your typical underneath-your-cheek cutout showcasing the bottom of your bubble butt.

Side cutouts are your best friend if you want a sexy pump without being too literal. Side cutouts are typically done on tighter fabrics in order for the cutouts to stay put. In this way, the material is pulled tight around your rear, allowing the booty to be presented more.

The side cutouts will give a little show of your skin as well, which will also bring in one's eye. This eye can then be shifted in a flow to your booty. It’s science and fashion in one, and once you hop on this trend you’ll absolutely love it!

Tight Trouser

In essence, the tight trouser is your favorite flattering business pants. They are typically straight or wide-leg pants and are tight fitting around the waist, hips, and back. They’re a classic when it comes to go-to formal bottoms that will always make your booty pop.

These trousers are the same as leather pants in that fit is everything. These bottoms can’t do their job properly if they’re not given the right tools. By tools, we mean the right size pants. Make sure to take the time to get a size that fits comfortably around your rear and doesn’t leave you with those unwanted and unforgiving creases at your bottom when you walk.

Printed Pant

Like texture and light colors, prints are a great way to make a statement with your favorite pants that your booty is the star of the show. Prints are immediately eye-catching, so viewers will automatically be drawn to them no matter what. This is another trend that we love due to the fact that the pop-the booty is incredibly hot right now.

Maximalism is returning to the picture as intensely cool prints are finding themselves on various fabrics and pant styles. Whether they’re super feminine floral patterns or fresh street-inspired prints, you’ll find that their loud features catch the attention of fellow booty lovers everywhere!

Mesh Bottoms

Mesh bottoms are at the peak of everything complementary and modish right now. They’re tight, sleek, and super combinable with some of these trends to create your favorite fashionable booty-pumping pants.

Mesh, in general, is a very trendy fabric, as this movement of showcasing undergarments in fashion moves forward steadily. That being said, this state of being almost “underdressed” but covered in fabric is an amazingly sexy way to showcase that booty of yours in its most naturally plump form! 

Yoga Pants

You know your go-to high waisted yoga pants? Not only are these bottoms super comfy and give you major tummy control but these are one of the best butt lifting pants you could ever sport! Yoga pants are one of the best ways to be on the go running errands and still give your butt the fabulous lift it deserves. 

Yoga pants have great compression, and they’re an amazing way to keep the muffin top in and the lifted butt out. These will be your favorite butt lifting leggings in no time!

Factors to Consider When Buying Butt Lifting Leggings & Pants

After reviewing the top trending booty-lifting bottoms, we know you want the perfect pair to add to your wardrobe. Here are a few things to consider before ordering your new body-sculpting pants.

Show Off That Seamless Design with the Right Fit

You want your bottoms to be snug and comfy. If they are too tight, that tummy control waistband and body sculpting design can have the opposite effect — creating a more pronounced muffin top and showcasing every bulge of your thighs.

If they are too loose, you may experience a sagging effect in the crotch and butt area rather than that booty lift we are looking for! We all know thick thighs save lives, ladies, but only with the perfect fit!

Look For a High Waistline

A true butt-lifting pant typically features a high waist for that perfect lifted and contoured effect. Not only does this accentuate that voluptuous bum you base your workout routine around, but a high waistband rests at the smallest part of your midsection to create a slimming, curvaceous look.

Even if you have found the perfect fit in length, stretch, and comfort, a waistline that is too low could make it look like you have a muffin top, and a waistline that is too high could make you appear shorter or disproportionate. We don't want our fashionistas feeling uncomfortable, so make sure that the waistline rests on the smallest area of your midsection for a truly snatched and seamless look.

Know Your Measurements

Make sure you review the garment length, inseam length, waist, and hip size options before adding that sexy pair of butt-lifting pants to your cart. Why do measurements matter? We all know that finding that perfect fit in terms of waist, hips, and length can be next to impossible, and no one wants to fall in love with a pair of pants only to have them bunch up at the ankle or cut off at an awkward position.

Save yourself an extra trip to the UPS store for yet another return by learning your measurements and comparing them with the size chart before buying. Of course, you can always find a tailor near you if you have difficulty locating a fit perfectly suited to your body.

How to Get Your Measurements

Use a soft measuring tape to take body measurements.

  • Inseam: Measure the distance from the crotch to the inside of the lower ankle
  • Length: Measure from the smallest part of your waist to your lower ankle
  • Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your abdomen
  • Hips: Measure around the widest part of your hips

High-Quality Fabric

Every woman's worst nightmare — finally getting that pair of booty-accentuating pants in the mail only to have your bestie tell you not to bend over or squat because they are completely see-through!

Non-see-through leggings are typically made from quality cotton or polyester blends. Make sure you check those reviews that support the brand's squat-worthy claims. Especially if you're looking for those figure-hugging, high-stretch, high-waisted yoga pants for your next booty-pumping workout.

The quality of the fabric is of the utmost importance for our fitness fashionistas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are booty leggings?

Booty leggings are any legging that uses compression, contouring details, or texture to give your rear that extra pump and lift your glutes to the sky. They’re very flattering and can come in pairs meant for the gym as well as for every day!

Do bum lifting pants work?

Yes! There are many different types of pants that can lift your booty, such as ruched pants, contour leggings, and flare bottoms. Bum lifting pants are any bottoms that give your glutes that extra pop through detailing, texture, prints, or fabrics.

What do scrunch bum leggings do?

Scrunch bum leggings are most commonly known as ruched leggings and create a carved effect for the booty with ruching down the middle back seam of a pair of leggings. It creates the illusion of a plumper rear and is one of our favorite picks of the season.

What to wear to lift your buttocks?

Booty-lifting pants come in a variety of styles such as texture pants, ruched bottoms, contoured leggings, and cutout back pieces. These detailings use color theory, balance, and other science to back up these fashionable booty-pumping styles!

How do you make your butt pop in leggings?

You can make your booty pop in leggings by wearing styles that are specifically designed to make this phenomenon a reality. Ruched styles, contoured cuts, lighter colors, and textured fabrics are examples of leggings that are made to showcase that bubble butt!