Amanda Seyfried’s Fashion Emergency at the Critics Choice Awards

The 28th annual Critics Choice Awards took place on January 15th, and there were some fashion hits, some fashion misses, and most notably, a fashion emergency.

Amanda Seyfried is notable for her appearances in classics like Jennifer’s Body and Mean Girls and her recent projects like The Dropout. She actually received an award for best actress (limited series or movie made for television) for her role as Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout.

The Look

Seyfried arrived on the red carpet in a stunning gold Dior gown. The gown was a floor-length gown that utilized a twist in the fabric at the front to create side cutouts. The dress was made of gold lamé chiffon and sported a fringe on the sleeves.

She and her stylist, Elisabeth Stewart, paired her dress with some minimal Cartier jewelry that complimented the look without overshadowing the dress and a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels.

She kept her makeup natural but did utilize a red lip for a pop of color, and wore her hair in a low ponytail, with face-framing strands. She also had a gold manicure, which we thought was a nice touch.

Seyfried said that she intentionally came to the event looking like a statue in case she didn't receive an award of her own that night. Luckily, she did receive her Critics Choice Award.

Amanda Seyfried in black clothes

So What Happened?

Amanda Seyfried receiving award from Critics Choice Awards

In all honesty, we don't really know.

In her own words, the dress was "ripping and actually breaking" for most of the evening. As far as we can tell, the incident was not anything Amanda could have predicted or prevented. It just happened, and she handled the incident with grace and poise.

The dress was an archival Dior dress, meaning it was not from this year. Its age may have played a part in the fragile nature of the dress, which did seem to disintegrate as the night went on. 

She started the evening wearing the dress confidently. In some interviews, she seemed to be having trouble with the sleeves falling down, but by the time she received her award, she had to put some effort into holding it up and keeping herself covered. She had decided it was a losing battle by the night's end. 

She procured a black jacket to cover up with and joined others on stage.

Our Take

Although the malfunction in her wardrobe was unfortunate, the dress was truly stunning. There was no way that anyone could have predicted what would occur. 

It's almost a rite of passage to have something like this happen to a celebrity at an event; whether it be a wardrobe malfunction, a fall, or any other host of missteps, it's bound to happen. What matters most is how the actor or actress handles the situation. Though she seemed a little flustered at times, there was nothing that we thought Amanda could have done better.

Amanda Seyfried with other celebrities