Is Jenna Ortega is Embracing Wednesday Addam’s Fashion Sense?

Jenna Ortega is quickly becoming a name we all recognize. Whether you have seen her in horror movies like X (2022) and Scream (2022), or you have seen her in her new Netflix Original Wednesday, you have likely heard her name.

With her recent horror movie and television roles, we have seen a shift in Jenna’s wardrobe, and let me tell you, we are here for it. Let's look at how she embraces this new, darker, more mature style.

A Style Breakdown

So how did Jenna’s style evolve into what it is today? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Jenna Ortega’s Style in the Early Days

Jenna Ortega in the early days

Before we had the iconic fashionista we have today, we had a young actress frequently featured in Disney Channel shows like Bizaardvark and Stuck in the Middle. During this phase of her career, she had a decidedly different style.

Jenna’s early looks were bright and fun, as you would expect from a Disney starlet. She wore cute, age-appropriate outfits that were still stunning on the red carpets. 

In her younger days, Jenna seemed to prefer a more casual look, with many of her looks featuring pants and shorts.

Jenna Ortega’s Fashion Evolution

As Jenna’s Disney days were coming to a close, she started experimenting more and more with her style. She began to wear more dresses, and her looks strayed away from the typical “Disney Look.”

She was still relatively young when she began making changes to her wardrobe, so she kept her outfits age-appropriate, with nothing too revealing. 

The “I do care and u should too” outfit

One of our favorite looks from Jenna was when she used her Radio Disney red carpet outfit to fire back at the first lady. 

Melania Trump was spotted before this event in Texas, where migrant children were being separated from their parents wearing a jacket that said, “I really don’t care, do u?” on it.

Jenna Ortega in Music Awards

At only 15 years old, Jenna chose to use her look to counter the other woman’s disrespect and rocked it! 

She attended the event in a plaid 2 piece and a jacket that said, “I do care, and u should too,” in defense and support of all of the families in Texas.

We loved this moment.

Check out this article from Daily Mail for more information on this story.

Jenna Ortega’s New Look

Jenna Ortega in sexy black dress

In 2023, with the release of some of her newest work, we have seen a big change in Jenna’s fashion. She keeps up with some 2023 trends by utilizing cutouts and mesh fabrics in her outfits.

But our favorite part of Jenna’s new look is the fact that you can see the influence these new roles have on her style. 

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jenna wore this absolutely stunning dress. This dress is a definite departure from her previous style.

We love the sexy slit, cutouts, and the lace she is wearing underneath. Overall it is a stunning look that is a welcomed departure from her younger style. This look really takes Jenna from a child star to a power woman in the public eye.

Here is a whowhatwear article on the look!

Jenna Ortega’s Dark & Moody Wedding Dress at the Wednesday Premiere

Don’t worry! We know what you all came here to talk about! The most recent look that Jenna Ortega has stunned us all with is that gothic wedding dress she wore to the Wednesday premiere.

Jenna Ortega Dark Moody Wedding Dress at Wednesday Premiere

Her stunning look has garnered the attention of many, and we are definitely impressed. The dark lacy dress was stunning on its own, but it's unforgettable when you combine it with the drama of her makeup and veil.

Here is an article from Seventeen where Jenna reveals why she chose to wear the veil. Spoiler alert, it was just because it felt right!

Is Jenna Adopting Wednesday’s Style?

So what do we think? Is Jenna beginning to add some of Wednesday’s iconic style into her wardrobe, or are the new, darker looks simply a coincidence? Either way, we are absolutely loving the new look and can’t wait to see what she wears next! Have a look at some of our black dresses.