Julia Garner Looks Stunning Wearing Red to a Red Carpet

Julia Garner recently graced the 2023 Critics Choice Awards red carpet wearing a stunning red, two-piece ensemble. She made a risky choice, wearing red on the red carpet, but we thought it paid off.

The Look

Julia Garner 2023 Critics Choice Awards red carpet whole body

Julia Garner stepped out on the 2023 Critics Choice Awards red carpet on January 15th in an all-red look. Her outfit was a high-low red dress with a mesh bodice. The dress was from Ferragamo’s pre-fall 2023 collection. She paired the look with a color-matched red bandeau from Skims.

The dress featured a Sabrina neckline with open sides. Her arms were left bare, and a good portion of her sides was also left bare. The dress utilized some extra draping fabric to add intrigue to the look.

The Accessories

Julia Garner 2023 Critics Choice Awards red carpet portrait

Her jewelry was from Bulgari, and her necklace was another stand-out piece. It mimicked a snake curled around her neck, and the green accents perfectly complimented her red dress. She also wore a few more simple rings and a pair of earrings. 

Her shoes were a pair of red platform heels from Stuart Weitzman, and her toes were painted red to compliment her ensemble.

Hair and Makeup

Julia Garner 2023 Critics Choice Awards red carpet side view

The red theme was carried into her makeup, which consisted of a bold red lip, a light layer of red eyeshadow, and a more natural look for the rest of her face. Her short hair, styled by Bobby Eliot, was parted down the middle and gelled back, which allowed her look to be the focal point. 

What Made This Look Risky?

When attending a red carpet, the color red is hard to get right. If you don’t choose the right look, you may simply blend right into the carpet. Luckily for Julia, she did quite the opposite. Julia and her team’s choice to utilize a more unique look is what helped her to stand out. The mesh that exposed her midriff and the high-low cut of her dress that exposed her legs allowed her fair skin to break up the ‘all red’ theme, and we think that this worked in her favor.

Julia Garner 2023 Critics Choice Awards red carpet